Department of Defense

By Raziel Sampedro

What does this department do? How does this department affect society?

They are in charge of thr U.S military they defend the United States and protect inncent people so the American people can feel safe when there on the job.

When was this depratment created and why?

It was created at August 10, 1949 was when they created it because to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country,

What major issues has this department dealt with in last 50 years?

The DOD acquisition bureaucravcy ending Thomas Christe carrer as George W. Bugh't selection to run DOD's indeperdent operational testing office know as DOT & E

What role, if any, dose this department have to setting or affecting foreign policy?

the president is the promary architect of America foreign policy.
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