What's Norovirus?

Do you know?

Stay Clean Cause Norovirus is Infectious

Norovirus is an FBI. for those of you that do not know what an FBI is it's a foodborne illness. Norovirus is most commonly know as the stomach flu. Do you like having the stomach flu and all the symptoms that come with it for example diarrhea, throwing up, nausea, stomach pain, fever, headaches, and body aches. It makes you feel awful for 2-4 days. No one likes that.

Avoid Norovirus and Other FBIs

To avoid any FBis all you need to do is keep your environment clean, separate raw food from cooked food, chill food within two hours (one on hot days), make sure to defrost your food an a area where bacteria cannot grow, and finally make sure to cook your food at the right temp. To avoid Norovirus try avoiding get Norovirus try to avoid and not get near the places that it can be found. Norovirus can be found in people that have already been infected with the virus,it can be found in poop, and also vomit or barf. You can be infected by being swallowing something that is exposed to Norovirus or a place it is.