Gingko Newsletter

Week of March 28, 2016

Exploration Fun

Hello Gingko Families!

This week we…

Continued our family interviews. The questions we ask during these interviews are so thoughtful. We are learning so much about each other and our families. We show our friends how much we care about them by being kind listeners during their interviews. The Gingkoes have been working hard to be such kind friends to one another and their love and care is especially apparent during these interviews.

Had fun on April Fools’ Day! We told silly jokes and stories. We even spent time writing down silly stories! Some kids wrote about visiting the moon, others wrote about a day in school without any teachers! It was so much fun to use our imaginations.

Continued our work on composing and decomposing numbers with a story problem. Marissa told the story of a time she and her sister visited the supermarket. She likes red apples and her sister likes green. They could only buy 5 apples all together. We talked about different combinations of apples they could buy. We used red and green colored cubes to act out the problem. We colored in apples to help us figure out different combinations. We then wrote our own number sentences showing different ways to make 5.

Sorted books in our classroom into “fiction” and “non-fiction” bins. We then read a non-fiction book about going to school. Kids have really been enjoying using this new language, on April Fools’ Day, one child exclaimed “Oh! These stories are fiction!”

At home you can...

Come up with your own story problems that involve composing and decomposing numbers. Snack or dinner often offers great opportunities for this. This week during snack we served honeydew and cantaloupe and each child chose their own combination to make 4 pieces of fruit in total.

Continue reading with your child, read “just right” books, and point out sight words when reading chapter books or longer storybooks to your child.

Continue checking in with your child about our family interviews.

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Save the Date!

We will celebrate the culmination of our family study on Friday, April 22nd at 3:00 PM. If you cannot make it at this time, we will also invite special grown ups from our Compass community. We will post photos and a video in the newsletter that weekend.