Hubble Space Telescope

by: Pablo Martinez

What is the Hubble Telescope? What does it do?

The Hubble Telescope is a space shuttle that is made for recording images beyond our solar system. Once the images are taken by Hubble Telescope they are sent to NASA. After one year has passed, NASA releases these amazing images taken by the Hubble telescope for the world to see.

Images taken by the Hubble Telescope

History and Future of the Hubble Telescope


  • The Hubble Telescope was launched on April 24 1990
  • The Hubble Telescope cost $1.5 billion dollars
  • The Hubble Telescope has seen over 3,000 galaxies
  • The American Congress approved Hubble in 1977


  • The Hubble Space Telescope will remain in space to collect data
  • Hubble will have an upgrade, the wide field camera which will be the most powerful camera installed into the Hubble Telescope