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Loch Raven High School October 8, 2021

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Mid-Workshop Interruption

A Mid-Workshop Interruption is an intentional announcement used to communicate a brief pointer, reminder, or compliment halfway through independent practice. While students are working on an independent task, the teacher makes a brief interruption using a signal that gains everyone's attention (e.g. a bell, a patterned clap). Once everyone is attending, the teacher uses the moment to reinforce a teaching point, share an observation, address a misconception, or highlight an exemplar. Afterward, the teacher uses another signal to return students' attention back to their independent tasks. Giving a planned Mid-Workshop Interruption increases students’ ability to maintain focus on a challenging task by allowing the brain to refresh and refocus, and is an opportunity to provide a framework for how students can continue working diligently for the remainder of the workshop.

Schoology Tips & Techniques

Focus is hosting a weekly Walk-in Wednesday event on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm. The topics change each week. Walk-in Wednesdays are designed to offer SIS users additional training and support on a variety of functions. All sessions will be hosted using Microsoft Live events. Each one will be recorded. Walk-in Wednesdays recordings will be placed in the Focus Students Information System (SIS) Schoology group. All BCPS employee with access to the SIS, are encouraged to attend these sessions and/or access the recordings.


Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will take the PSAT on Tuesday, October 26. Please be sure to complete your training. See Jennifer Webb, our coordinator if you have any questions.

There will be a modified bell schedule for PSAT day.

This is a great day for seniors to schedule a college visit!

Senior Interviews

Senior interviews will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, October 27 and 28 this year in English classes. For the first time, senior interviews will be conducted virtually.

Be on the lookout for more information from Tina Paules.

PTSA news

If you haven't already joined the PTSA, please do. Membership for faculty and staff is just $5.00.

You can still request a PTSA Mini-Grant or complete a Wish List Form. The PTSA is here to support you and your initiatives.

More information about these events and much, much more can be found on the PTSA website https://lochravenhsptsa.com

Shout Outs

  • To all the amazing teachers who assisted with MCAP testing. This was an unexpected addition to our high school tests. Your flexibility and assistance with testing, proctoring, and covering are greatly appreciated.

  • To Emily Hall, Jessica Miller, Class of 2022 and Class of 2023 for a fun-filled Powder Puff game. Congratulations Juniors for a powerful win!

  • To Jessica Miller, Mike McEwan, SGA, and our coaches for the exciting half-time activities.

  • To George Ferenz, Jasmine Carter-Plank, and marching band for their magnificent performance.
  • To all the teachers who supported our students at Powder Puff and Homecoming Football. Your support means so much!