Migrating from Ireland to America

by Lynn, Delanie and Tate

We migrated from Ireland to America because, the working environment is better and they offer better pay. There are many more job opportunities here and we want a wide variety to chose from.

Inside The Irish Food & Drinking Culture
American Culture (Happy 4th!)

The environment was sunny when we landed and the weather was perfect. There's green grass with loads of trees, there was not a cloud in the sky just a perfect shade of blue. Hopefully when I come home again my American accent will be nearly perfect! I can’t wait to make new friends and share my culture with them, Along with my experience migrating from Ireland. I would love for you to visit sometime and share this experience! See you soon.

We miss our home land along with family and friends, but our time in America has been the best experience and definitely one I will never forget. Once we got here everyone was really nice and never failed to make us feel welcome in the airport. The plane ride took ages but eventually got here. In America the culture is different and I can't wait to try all the different foods, and explore.