Healthy eating Manual

Semo and Devkaran


Nutrition is providing and obtaning the food for health. Nutrition is not sugar, cholesterol, and sodium. Nutrition is very important because it's great for bones, skin and other parts. It's also important because it makes you healthy. Here's some facts about nutrition fruits and veggies have the most nutrition in it. Fruits have lots of vitamins and minerals but veggie have lots of iron and some. Also do not eat a lot of white rice and bread you should eat the brown rice and whole wheat bread. You should also not have the white sugar and and have the brown sugar.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is a great way to build muscles and physical activity makes you feel good and healthy. Like running, biking, sports, and some dancing around. Also maybe try different things like jogging around the neighbourhood or maybe bike around. Physical activity is also very good if you have kids because it make you catch up with them. Also physical activity is great for a healthy life.

Playing soccer

This is a very famous soccer player and he gets a lot of physical activity from the playing of soccer.
Prioritizing Physical Activity: The Basics