A Child Called It

One Child's Courage to Survive

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Dave Pelzer

A child abuse survivor who has touched many hearts with his stories. Dave Pelzer has been married once. Born December 29, 1960 in Daly City California and the oldest of 5 boys, Dave has written of 10 self-help books. His stories give people hope and comfort. Today he is still living at the age of 54.

How about it?

In the book 'A Child called It', Dave talks about his childhood, giving very gruesome and disturbing details. Dave was abused by his mother who is later claimed to may have been under some type of mental illness. While reading this book, your jaw will drop after reading some of this things his mother demanded him to do. Dave isn't an only child so that makes the story a little more interesting. The thing that'll shock you the most is the strategies and strength Dave used to survive through his mother's torture and "games".


This story reminds me of my old dog and her puppies. Within one week of her having them, she ate them all. We thought it was because of the human scent they may have had, but that couldn't be possible in anyway.