"Relieve The Stress Fest"

Tools for Managing Stress

We all get stressed... the question is, do you know how to manage stress?

There are many proven ways for people to cope when feeling stressed out, but everyone is different and must find the techniques that work best for them! Learning how to relieve stress won't happen overnight. Like any skill, it takes time, self-exploration and above all, practice.

In Class Assignment

Due Tuesday! (12 Points)


  • The OBJECTIVE is to provide some helpful "tools" for your classmates on how to relieve stress.

  • EACH person will pick a stress management technique to share with the class. (If you choose to have a partner, then you are in charge of presenting 2 techniques)

  • This assignment does require some RESEARCH and an answer to the all THREE questions below.

  • Go onto Smore.com and create your own page about your technique(s).

Answer 3 Questions:

Extension: Interact with your classmates

Help your classmates learn HOW to use your stress management technique by allowing them to practice it. Some ideas include:

-- Giving them a journal prompt to write about

-- Leading a short skill-based exercise (deep breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga, etc.)

-- Play some calming music

-- Show a short video about your technique