Travel with the Mennonites to canada

Who were the Mennonites?

The Mennonites are Christian groups belonging to church communities of Anabaptist people named after Menno Simons (ca. 1496-1561) who was the most outstanding Anabaptist leader of the Low Countries during the 16th century.

What where their Push and Pull factors?

Push : They left their homes to go to Canada because during the American war, Mennonites felt their belief of peace was harmed. Plus the areas were overpopulated, and had chances of natural disasters.

Pull : Canada attracted many Mennonites because of their inexpensive land, safety, and ability to maintain their Pacifist beliefs.

How did the Mennonite help build Canada?

The Mennonite Canadians farmed over the lands and also built churches by themselves all around Canada. Due to building churches and farming , they were welcomed to stay in Canada for as long as they wanted.

Are the Mennonites still here?

The Mennonites are still here. They are found all around the world in places like India, Ethiopia, Germany, and particularly, Canada.

When and Where did they first settle in?

Around 1776, The first German-speaking Mennonites began arriving in Upper Canada (now region of Canada lying southwest of the Ottawa River and north of the lower Great Lakes).