San Miguel Bulletin

February 1st- February 5th

Instructional Focus-Academic Discourse ELL Students- Continued Focus- Week 2

Language of Learning Poster

Ask questions when you don't understand a topic.

Can you tell me more?

Would you say that again?

Can you give me another example so I can understand?

Give a reason why your idea is a good one.

This reminds me of ______ because _____.

I believe this is true because __________.

Ask for evidence when something sounds incorrect.

I'm not sure that's right. Can you tell me why you think it is true?

Can you show me a place in the book that illustrates that idea?

Give evidence to support your statements.

Read a passage from the book that illustrates your idea.

Bring another information source to support your idea.

Use ideas from others to add to your own.

I agree with _______ because _______.

______'s idea reminds me of ________.

I Noticed..I Wondered Academic Talk Student to Student 3rd Grade

Weekly Schedule

Heidi will be off campus Monday- Wednesday, NCUST Visit, Brownsville Texas

2/1 Happy Birthday Kelley Lechler

8:15 PTA Meeting

9:30 Young Audiences -Gallardo and Bruner

10:05 Off Campus Meeting- Heidi

12:15 and 1:10 CoTA Campbell and Warriner

2:20 Afterschool Intervention

2:30 Speech IEP -Locke Admin

2/2 Tuesday-Groundhog Day

7:35 PAC-Room 2- Summer Admin

IEP Day : 2 subs needed 1 SPED, 1 Gen Ed teacher


9:00 TLJ

10:00 -JL

11:00 SJ

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00 XR

CoTA Meetings withTeachers- All Day- 1 sub needed

8:35-9:00 Laura Buehl

12:00-12:25 Sarah Smith

12:30-12:55 Shelley Honig

Ballet (8:30-10:30) Cafeteria

2/3 Wednesday-

Collaboration- Rotation A

8:00-9:15 2

9:20- 10:35 3

11:00-12:15 6

12:15-2:05 SPED (Lunch Included)


1. Use the ELA free response questions and rubrics and discuss how are we preparing our student to receive best score on this?

2. Growth mindset- Mrs. Hauser recently shared with the staff this video from ClassDojo about growth mindset. Bring one idea or one example of how you teach/reteach/remind yourself of growth mindset in your classroom?

3. Academic Conversations: Read together pages 83-89.

a. How do team projects typically go in your class? What makes them successful or Unsuccessful experiences?

b. How can we better prepare our students to “encourage and compliment” as well as being Team players?

c. When students are working in collaborative teams, how can we avoid the deterioration of conversations?

Bring With you a copy of the PINK inspect test

2:30-3:45 Staff Meeting

Grade Level ILT Member's Room

Locke will be floating, answering questions as needed

EL Students Planning

  • Examine Data on EL students
  • Focus on Reading and Writing Strands for 2015-2016


  • How will you meet their individual needs?
  • How are you using your BIA for small group instruction for those who NEED it in reading and writing?
  • Are all of your focus kids getting the services and time that they need for ELD?


  1. ELD strategies used in all subject areas (vocab development, choral responses, sentence frames, use of academic discourse, scaffolding for those who need it)
  2. Expectations of responses for 1,2,3,4,5
  3. How do student responses (verbal or written) differ? How are you teaching to their zone of proximal development and PUSHING them to reclassification and moving up 1 CELDT level.

2/4 Thursday -

7:30 SST OG

Young Audiences

Kinder, 4th, 5th and 6th

8:30-10:30 School Visit with Mr. Anastos, Superintendent

Focus: Academic Discourse, siting Text Evidence in ELA AND MATH- See Sentence frames from this bulletin and past bulletins on siting evidence.

2:15 Photo Voice Meeting with EDP

2:20 Afterschool intervention

3:00 LGTA Meeting

2/5 Friday

7:30 SPED Meeting

8:00 -10:30 SW Meeting-

10:00 CoTA Joann and Kim

10:15 CoTA Laura Buehl

11:30 TOSA Meeting

12:00 KROC Center Meeting

1:00 CoTA Dusty Reisch

2:20 Fast Forward Phone Conference

4:00 Retirement Recognition- Nancy Brown BJ's in Grossmont Center

Book IT

February Print Out:

Behavior Focus

Behavior Expectations:


Please review Tag and Structure Rules

2015-2016 Complete Calendar:

Restorative Topics- Classroom Discussion -Compliments Restorative Practices

Upcoming January Dates

More to come.

Assessments and Pacing Guide

Pink Inspect- February 8th-12th

Data Due in Computer Tuesday, 16th 4:00 pm (15th is a Holiday)

Hard Copy of Data due to Heidi 4:00 pm in Mailbox

Data Collection and Analysis -Staff Meeting February 17th 2:30-4:00 pm

Weekly Music

Music Selections available on the V drive under 1 San Miguel Music Listening

Music Listening Year Two, Week 20

Daily Music Listening should be listed clearly in your weekly lesson plans, which should be out and readily accessible for viewing at any time.

2nd Step

1 Second Step lesson should be taught weekly.

If you have any questions or needs, or request a sample lesson models, please email Edna.

2nd Step should be listed clearly in your weekly lesson plans, which should be out and readily accessible for viewing at any time.

Appropriate Dress

Please pay close attention to your professional dress at all times.

We are professionals and need to come to work each day, dressed like professionals.

Please refrain from wearing workout clothes to work, unless it is a specific occasion, perhaps Field Day. If in question about your dress, please see me.

Other items to consider:


Length of skirt, long shorts or dress

Ensuring mid-drift is covered even when raising arms or dancing

Thank you for your consideration.