John Wilkes Booth

Starr Blackwell and Darius Green

His physical beauty astonished all who saw him a fellow actor described his eyes as being '' like living jewels''...

his looks show that by his eyes being like living jewels shows that he is a vibrant person this is an example of a direct quote. (Pg 10)

"Even more gentelman to take its prey with a single bullet".

Booth is taking a risk to kill lincoln with a single bullet this is An example of a indirect quote (pg 20)

''john Wilkes booth was willing to throw away fame and wealth and a promising furture...''

"Booth knew the exact layout of fords intimately:the exact spot on tenth street where Lincoln would step out of his carriage,the box inside the theater where the president when he came to a performance"...

This thought shows booths is obsessive this is an example of a direct quote. (Pg 11-13)

Our prediction

We predict by booth being cunning charming and being obsessed with killing Lincoln booth will get away with murder of president Lincoln and wone be caught. Also,by his looks that won't believe that booth killed Lincoln. Booth is a good actor so he can persuade others hi did not kill Lincoln.