JMS Afterschool Clubs

Held in the Library/Makerspace with Mrs. Battistoni

Club times are 3:25 -5:00

Pick up is at the back parking lot door. Please send an email to your child's classroom teacher, myself and the office. If you've written a note that your child may attend all sessions on any one particular day, and they have to miss a week, please send me an email letting me know they will not be attending.

Wednesdays are Scrabble Days!

Scrabble is a game that can improve your spelling and math! The combination of creativity, strategy, luck, memory and fun are all part of the Scrabble experience. letter is missing from this photo?
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Do you have an inquisitive child?

Come see if 4-H is the club for them! It is not just about animals, but all aspects of life. This is a general club that will cover a large range of topics and projects. There is no fee to join 4-H.

This is a great way to meet new friends and try new things; you may also learn something! 4-H does a great job of preparing our youth for their future by teaching valuable life skills.

4-H is open to anyone once they are the age of 7 as of January1. Although younger members can't be officially enrolled in 4-H they are welcome to come and participate in club events and activities.

Topics to include: citizenship, community service, where our food comes from, crafts, animal care, international friends, photography, art, etc.

We will meet Thursdays after school following Thanksgiving break.

Parents are welcome to attend and learn more as well!

If any questions please contact Margie Groht at 860-213-0049 or

Join us in starting our new club!!


Come tinker at the JMS Makerspace/Library. There are many things to do. Find something just for you.
If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact me at

Thank you all! Mrs. Battistoni