Genius Hour

For genius hour i am building a Bettle Bot

The parts for my Bettle Bot

Monday, November

  • Micro Switches
  • X2 Electrical Tape
  • x3 Paper Clips (Jumbo)
  • x2 Electrical Tape
  • Peace Of Metal Sheet
  • Thumb Wheel
  • Wire
  • Battery holder
  • battery's
  • Soldering Iron
  • Heat Shrink
  • Electrical tape

My Goals

Monday, November 10

So far I know all the part I need to build my beetle bot. I also know what my robot will do. But what I don't know is where to get the parts for my robot, this is my next goal.

Wednesday, November 26

I have finally completed my goal to find the location/store for all of my robot parts. Now I need to save up some money and buy some of the materials every weekend.

Tuesday, December 2

I am running into problems, I don't have enough money to buy the parts. But if any of my parents cant bring me to go shopping, Mr.Overgaard and me made an agreement that he will bring my list of parts next time he goes shopping, buy them and give me the receipt. But this goes back to my problem.

Friday, December 5

I going to ignore the problems and move on. My next goal is to make a blue print and go back to my other problems after I am finished making a blue print.

Thursday, February 19

Today I brought some scrap parts for my robot. I brought a mortar and a solar panel, the solar panel converts the light from the sun to energy and sends the power to the mortar.

Diffrent Bettle Bots


Why Do I What To Build A Robot?

I want to know how hard it is to build a robot from scratch because I need to be sure that I want to be a robotics engineer when I get older. A robotics engineer is a person that designs and constructs robots, also computer systems for their control, sensory feedback and processing information.