Blazing the Technology Trail

How Technology is Transforming Learning

Join Me on a Tour of Forest Trail

During this presentation, you will be invited into each grade level at Forest Trail to gain an insight in to how iPads, MacBooks and Dell computers are being used to transform teaching and learning.


Tiny Teachers

Kinder classrooms have been using peer mentors to help them navigate and make the most out of the productive apps on the iPad. 3rd graders and 5th graders have been encouraged to use their communication skills to teach apps and concepts to their Kinder buddies.

First Grade

Chillin' Out with Thinglink

First graders were involved in a Penguin Unit during which they learned about different penguins, their habitats and what they ate. They scanned QR codes to gather information and used Thinglinks for independent, guided research. Their final products were showcased using the Keynote app.

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade

"The iPad is your friend. Not your enemy. Harness it's power to change the lives of our children."
Jeffrey Tambor
21st Century Learners