How are they the same?

Ricki-tikki and Houdini

They both are brave

Houdini and Ricki-tikki are both brave, why well they both had to save someone or do something incredibly awesome. once Houdini make a goal he never gives up that goal same to Ricki-tikki, he always knows the right the to do.

In a way

Houdini and Ricki-tikki are both one cool organisms why, well they both do something really cool for example Houdini did some magic tricks that some people did not understand or how he never gave up on a trick, how is Rikki-tikki similar to Houdini, he doesn't do tricks well he never gave up or he also was so brave that he could save a family in harm

Rikki-tikki the hero

how did he get his name

Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin was one famous magician and Harry Houdini got his name from him
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