Jean Piaget

Theorist Presentation

Piaget's theory suggests that children go through four basic stages of mental development.

Stage 1.

Sensorimotor Stage-Birth to age 2

The infant knows the world through their movements and sensations

Stage 2.

Preoperational Stage-2 to 7 years old

Children begin to think symbolically and learn to use words and pictures to represent objects. They also tend to be very egocentric, and see things only from their point of view.

Stage 3.

Concrete Operational Stage-7-11 years old

During this stage, children begin to thinking logically about concrete events.

Stage 4.

Formal Operational Stage-12 and up

At this stage, the adolescent or young adult begins to think abstractly and reason about hypothetical problems.

Pros and Cons


Covers all stages of life

Reasoning for each stage

Experiments to back up each theory


Every child develops at a different rate

Kids with learning disabilities will be behind

Based on the average child

General Information

Piaget was born August 9, 1896. Over the course of his career in child psychology, he identified four stages of mental development, called “schema.” He also developed new fields of scientific study, including cognitive theory and developmental psychology. Piaget died September 16, 1980.

Applied in the classroom?

I think that Piaget's theories are still used in the classroom today becasue each grade level falls under one of his four basic stages of development. His theories provide background information on why the students act the way they do.