Andrew Jackson: A life.

A recollection of Andrew Jackson's presidency

Trail of Tears

Because of the Indian removal act, the Cherokees had to move from Georgia(yaaay!)to Oklahoma(ewwww).The path they took is called The Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears was a long and painful time for the Cherokees. The Cherokees moved during winter so obviously it was cold and harsh. Many Cherokees died.
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The Spoils System

The Spoils System is a system where if you supported the person in question they could give you high positions in the government whether or not you were qualified. Andrew Jackson appointed people who supported him with government jobs. This increased his Popularity polls greatly. it made the southerners who had low paying jobs want to support him immensely.
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The Nullification Crisis

the U.S government added tariffs in 1828 and 1832 and the south did not like this. But the only southern state to rebel was South Carolina. South Carolina attempted to nullify the tariffs but congress made the force bill to make them pay, but South Carolina threatened to secede. after Jackson threatens to hang his vice president, and lead the army against them, they quickly negotiated the price down as a compromise.

Political cartoon.

This cartoon shows that the artist is thinking that Andrew Jackson rules as a monarchy, not as a can see the constitution underneath his foot.

This probably means that he had no regard for the constitution. he is also carrying a veto which suggests that he vetoed a lot of bills.

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Letter to the editor, from a Cherokee

Jackson is a terrible president. We went to court saying " we were here first! you cant take our land!" and we won the court case! but what does Jackson do?

Jackson: hey we need that land can you please move?

Cherokee: nah fam we good here.

Jackson: you have two months to move, you will be escorted out of your lands and guided to Oklahoma.

Cherokee: what the heck man? we have tried to adapt to your white ways and now you kick us out?!?! we are not happy. >:(

Jackson: tough luck.

And thats how Jackson screwed us over.

Letter to the editor, from a southerner.

Jackson is a fairly decent president. He is very down to earth and humble. And most of the time he has our best interests in mind, such as, when south Carolina threatened to secede after threatening to send the army, which he didn't, he still lowered the tariffs that caused the problems! And then if we support him enough he gives us high government jobs whether we are qualified for them or not! its like a reward system for voting!

Thats why i love Jackson!


Andrew Jackson also had a 2 ton wheel of cheese in the white house.
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