Fontaine Flier

November 20, 2015

Top Ten Reasons I am Thankful for This Class...

1. Will hold an antelope and deer heart in their bare hands and think it is the coolest thing!

2. Think nothing of extracting a mouse skull from an owl pellet and become so excited that they get to take the bones home.

3. Brave enough to hold a tarantula.

3. Can't wait for Daily 3 so they can write or dive back into their book.

4. Always excited to discuss the next chapters in our small group book.

5. Wonderful collaborators!

6. So full of curiosity and their love of learning!

7. They are soooooooo creative!

8. The kindness they show toward each other

9. Enthusiasm for everything...well, except those spelling pages. :)

10. They make my job a ton of fun each and every day!

Fifth Grade Bake Sale Next Week!

Fifth Grade will be sponsoring a bake sale that will benefit the end of the year celebration. It will take place next week-Monday and Tuesday. Thank you so much to all of you who have volunteered to bake something! Parents can drop off their baked goods in the office on Monday afternoon anytime before .

Fun Learning This Week...

Social Studies-After finishing up our human body unit, we are moving back to social studies and will be studying one of my favorite units-Explorers! I'm so excited and can't wait to get started!

Writing-We will be writing and sharing some fun Thanksgiving poetry this week and will return to the district writing assessment after Thanksgiving break.

Reading-Finishing up main idea using our Mummies book. In small groups students are either reading Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo (One of my all time favorite books to discuss with kids.) or Among the HIdden which is also a fantastic book to discuss!

Spelling-No Spelling this week, but the list will be sent home on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in case they want to study after eating turkey. :)

Math-Start Topic 8

Supplies Needed

We are in need of more post-it notes if anyone would be willing to donate some. We use them all the time. Thank you so much!!!

Congratulations to Mallory and Tsidk for becoming our Spelling Bee Representatives!

Olivia will be our alternate

The Essential 55

One of my favorite innovative educators has come up with 55 essential things one must do to be a good person. We will be focusing on several of these in our classroom.

This past week and next week-Essential #1

Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness. Go out of your way to do something surprisingly kind and generous for someone.

Reminder-Items Needed: Headphones and an old sock or rag

From now on we will be taking our spelling pre and post tests in the computer lab. In order to do this, all students need to have a set of headphones. We are also going through our precious Kleenex whenever we use our white boards. If each student could bring in an old sock, rag, washcloth, etc. to wipe off their boards, that would be fantastic......and earth friendly too!

Grill Day Tuesday!

We will also be doing our Growth and Development video and talk with the nurse on Tuesday morning.

The girls and boys will be separated for this.

I will be at another district meeting Monday afternoon from 12-4

Specials Schedule



Reminder-No School Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!