August 20-24


Monday, 8/20 -- Reading Bowl Interest Meeting in Media Center @ 2:30-3:30

Thursday, 8/30 -- House Competition - Wear your favorite Jackson Spirit Wear!

Monday, 9/3 -- Labor Day - No School

Wednesday, 9/5 -- 2nd Annual Greek & Latin Roots Superhero Conference

Thursday, 9/6 -- Field Trip to the Apple Store 10:00-12:30 (Mrs. Akin's Homeroom)

Friday, 9/7 -- School House Huddle @ 7:45-8:05 AM

Thursday, 9/13 -- House Competition - Pajama Day

Wednesday, 9/26 -- House Competition - Wear your house colors!

Thursday, 9/27 -- Picture Day

Tuesday, 10/16-- Field Trip to the Apple Store 10:00-12:30 (Ms. France's Homeroom) *NEW*


Monday, 8/20 -- SS Quiz - Cattle Drives, Black Cowboys, & Inventors

Friday, 8/24 -- ELA Quiz - Greek & Latin Roots (astr, bio, geo/terr, vit/viv, aqua/hydr, ped, bene/bon, mal, chron/temp, scrib, gram/graph, vid/vis, spec, phon, lum/luc, photo, audi)

Friday, 9/7 -- ELA Test - Greek & Latin Roots

Monday, 9/10 -- SS Test - Turn of the Century (Cattle Drives, Black Cowboys, Inventors, Spanish American War & Panama Canal) *NEW DATE*


All students now have access to Google Classroom. Students can log on at home using their APSusername@apsk12.org and their computer password. Assignments, videos, discussions, study guides, and vocabulary will be posted on Google Classroom. Students will use Google Classroom both at home and at school on a weekly basis. Parents also have access to Google Classroom. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact Mrs. Akin.


If your child would like to learn more about the Jackson Reading Bowl Team. Plan to have them stay after school on Monday, Aug. 20th from 2:30-3:30. ONLY 4th and 5th graders are invited. They will need to meet in the media center at 2:30 for orientation. Orientation will be over at 3:30. Ms. Mak and Ms. Maguire will be waiting under the awning (where the Jackson carpool line picks up and drops off) for parents to pick up their children.

Click the link to learn more about the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Competition and see the 2018-2019 Reading Bowl book list.


If you missed Curriculum Night, we encourage you to read through the Curriculum Night PowerPoint below. Feel free to contact Ms. France or Mrs. Akin with any questions.


Students will be given information about this project in class on Monday, 8/20. See attachments for details. This project will be due on Wednesday, 9/5. Students are encouraged to get CREATIVE!


At the end of August, any students who have earned at or above 85% positive DOJO points, will earn a special treat. All students will start at zero at the beginning of each month and will have a fresh start.

Students will also be given their DOJO cash at the end of each month and can use their DOJO dollars to purchase from Mrs. Akin's class store. If you would like to donate items to the class store, please contact Mrs. Akin. Thank you!