the rain forest

by jacob murillo

where they are

there are rainforest all over the world. they are in africa, south america, asia, etc
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it gets up to nine feet of rain each year and its temuture can get up to 86 and down to 73 degrees.


Three plant adaptations are that when a vine grows it climbs trees to get to the sun light and it can help animals get away from predators. The next is that some plants eat bugs by have a sent that fly’s and other bugs like then the get crushed or drown in them. The last one is that the trees grow high up to the sun to get more light this can help the animals to get off the ground on make homes in the trees.


Three animal adaptations one is the dart frog it is a poisonous frog so other animals that try to eat it will get sick or they mite die. The next one is the snakes live in the trees so they can jump down and a animal and bite and eat it then it can go back up. Chameleons can change colors to match their back ground so predators don’t see them hiding and they can get bug because they don’t see them

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article and questions anseserd

Rainforest: '60% handed to logging companies'

Up to 60% of Liberia's rainforests are thought to have been granted to logging companies

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Uncontrolled logging is posing a risk to Liberia's virgin rainforests and depriving people of economic benefits, campaign group Global Witness warns.

Its report says that logging companies have been granted more than 60% of the country's rainforests in the six years since Nobel Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became president.

It found that use of private contracts which bypass regulations are common.

President Sirleaf has already ordered a investigation into the issue.

She had been praised for revoking corrupt and badly managed logging companies when she took office in 2006, after timber was used to finance arms sales during Liberia's long and bloody civil war.

The West African nation still has some of the largest areas of rainforest in the region, but the Global Witness report alleges that nearly a quarter of Liberia's landmass has been signed to logging companies using secret and often illegal permits.

•What is the issue? We are cutting down trees and killing animals in the process

•Why should we be concerned? Because trees give us oxegon and we are killing endangered species

•What is the impact (both immediate & long term)?animals will die and we are losing air

•Where is this occurring (specific locations)?this is happing all over the world

•What human activity is the cause? People cutting down trees because the human population

•What populations are being affected?How? animals because we are killing their homes

•What is a possible solution and recommendation for the future start a tree farm and us those trees to make house instead of or the forest trees