Mrs. Mogg's Monday Memo

.... we'll try to stay focused for this four day week!....


We will be taking a break from counting money, Topic 13, this week. Please DO continue to give your child practice with counting change.

We will work on fractions these 4 days. Understanding fractions is part of our Indiana State Standards for grade 2, but is not covered in our current math series. You'll see worksheets coming home, and we'll be doing practice activities in class.

Helping at home...

Count change

Discuss fractions... as you cut a pie, sort legos, draw squares or circles...

Practice math facts !


This is a unit review week. We'll not be reading a story from our reading book. No books will be sent home. Please have your child read from your home selection of books or make a trip to our wonderful public library for some fresh material!

Math facts....

In the lead, on level U of subtraction is Riley! Also on subtraction are Lanning and Sydney.

No more water bottles

Water bottles have been a major distraction in our class. IF your child needs to bring one into the classroom because of a cough or sore throat, please write a note to me explaining that, and I will allow it.

AR points...

In the lead with over 70 points is Kenzee. Eli, Landon, and London have over 50 points.

With over 40 points are Madison, Maddox, Alana, Sydney, and Skylar. GREAT JOB!

Special Class Rotation:

Monday GYM

Tuesday ART

Wednesday Library

Thursday Music

Star Math report

You will be receiving the most recent STAR Math report. You do not need to sign and return it. It is for your information only. The report is based on the test the students did on the computer on Friday, March 18. The student's score is compared to other 2nd grade students across the nation.