Simon Birch

By: Abbigael Linkert

A brief description of Simon Birch

In the movie Simon Birch Joe and Simon are two best friends that love to go on adventures with each other. Joe doesn't know his real father but intends to find out, Joe and Simon set out to go find his biological father being that Joe's mother came home with a new guy in her life. Along the way Simon and Joe are discovering who they are as people and friends.

The theme of Simon Birch

No matter who you are let nothing stop you, keep on following your dreams and keep on believing what you believe in, let no one or nothing get in your way.


Simon says "I am God's instrument" (Simon Birch).

This piece of evidence proves the theme of the story by saying no matter who you are let nothing stop you, keep on following your dreams and what you believe let no one or nothing get in your way. In the story people would be frighted and frown upon Simon saying that in the story, they would put him in a chair alone and take away personal items. But no matter how hard they tried to get him to stop he just kept believing in himself and knowing there is a pan for him and that's why God made him the way he is. He believed he was a hero and he was one, especially sacrificing himself to save other kids.

Simon's character

Physical Characteristics

  • Small, Short
  • Blond hair
  • Glasses
Emotional Characteristics
  • Quick witted
  • Funny
  • Stubborn


  • Says he's God's instrument to people that look down on him
  • Simon's interactions with little kids are great they always look up to him because of his size and always listen to him
  • For the most part Simon gets along with everyone, he is kind generous, and a very inspirational person.

Simon's Change

  • During the story I feel like Simon didn't really change that much. I think that Simon throughout the whole story had a positive and upbeat personality and had such great spirit and believes. Throughout the whole story he kept telling people there was a reason why god put him here in the world, he also believed he was God's instrument and he didn't let anyone tell him otherwise.

Simon's Type Of Character

Simon's character is a flat character


Joe says "Simon was so small that we loved to pick him up" (Simon Birch).

This piece of evidence proves that Simon is small or short by telling us that Simon was so small that they could pick him up. Every time the teacher would leave the room the kids would pick him up and hold him above their heads passing him to each kid around the room. When the teacher would come back in she would say "put him down" and that would be it, they then would put the small Simon down in is chair.

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Author- Cara Kluver

Simon's Point-Of-View

Rebecca's death

As I was standing at home plate picking my pitch I was ready to finally swing the bat and smack the ball. Ball Ball that's the one coming straight at me that's my pitch! I swung the bat, hit the ball so hard it went flying so high into the air. Everyone stood and was silent watching the ball cut through the air. SMACK! No, No No, I didn't mean to i'm so sorry! I couldn't control where the ball was going to go it was an accident i'm sorry.

The Christmas pageant

When I was laying in the manger at the Christmas pageant, not wanting to do this if I did not mention that before. As the "holy angel" came down over top of me I couldn't help but notice Margery right in front of me. I just couldn't help myself I had to touch her and I did, I grabbed her and pulled her in the manger with me. After that it was kinda a blur but after Joe pulled Margery off of me I saw what I had done! The angle was barfing on Miss Leavey, the turtle doves were running around all over the place, one of the turtle doves heads actually popped off. People were punching each other over what I had just done to Margery and I just sat and watched. I cleared the audience and saw Reverend Russell I knew then by the look on his face that I wasn't getting my baseball cards back.

The bus accident

It was cold and icy out when we were on our way home from the retreat and all of a sudden the bus swerved to avoid a deer in the road we went tumbling down a hill into the lake. I knew right then and there I had to help and save these kids on the bus, that must be my purpose and how I become a hero. Everyone one was freaking out but because of my size all the kids listen to me. We got everyone out of the bus but there was one more kid. I went to go grab him and he said that his foot was stuck. I went underwater to untangle his foot,I got his foot untangled. I slowly waked him to the back door on the bus then the door shut. I had to go under water again to lift the other kid up so he could open the window that's the only way I could get us out of there. Joe and Ben swam out to help and they grabbed the other kid and then the bus went down and I was going down with it! After that I can't remember anything but waking up in a hospital bed. People have told me that Joe grabbed and took me to sore, that he saved me from drowning.


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