The Industrial Revolution

Savannah hughes

The start of bad times

The Industrial Revolution was a time when machines took the place of man. This time period left people without money and jobs. The effect of this horrible tragedy left kids working in factories and family's living on the streets. The industrial revolution was bad because in this time period the air was polluted and the water was no good. The money that the kids where getting paid for working in the factories was very little. When people moved from rural ares to the city, if they did not have money they did not get a house. Although the industrial revolution was bad many inventions where created.


Child Labor

Child labor was a time when children worked to provide very little for there family's. Children worked long hours in factories or workhouses. Children were not forced to work in factories, but the family's with no money could not afford for there kids not to work in factories. Working in workhouses was not good for the kids it spread lots of sickness. kids got separated from there family's and worked long hours. The kids where very thin and where not treated well. Very little of them had shoes, and they very seldom got to take a shower. Lots of the kids worked on a assembly line.

The Assembly Line

The assembly line is put in factories to make the building of materials faster. Kids where placed on the assembly line where they worked best. When you worked on the assembly line you worked on one thing. So if you where part of a paper airplane assembly line you would have one part of the airplane you had to fold. The assembly line was invented by by Henry ford, he was the first to use the assembly line properly. The assembly line effected the factory world by making the product that you were making made twice as fast.

Car Assembly Line

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