MAV Weekly April 22nd 2022

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Attendance Line- (208) 855-4063 (attendance for reporting an absence, please leave a message- it will be received and processed in a timely manner)

Main Office- (208) 855-4050 (call for assistance reaching teachers or admin, general questions on procedures, etc.)

Transportation Questions- (208) 229-8500

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April 11-May 5 iSat Testing

April 25- Collaboration- No School

May 14- Prom Revolution Concert House in Garden City (by the fairgrounds)

May 17- Election Day- Polling Location

May 24- Last Day for Seniors

May 28- Graduation @ 11AM, Ford Idaho Center

May 30- Memorial Day- No School

June 2- FULL SCHOOL DAY All Grades: 6-12 Last Day of School

West Ada School District 2021-22 Calendar

End Of Year Approaching

Students and Parents/Guardians,

As we are approaching the end of the school year, there are a few things we want you to look at:

PowerSchool: check grades, attendance and tardies.

  1. Grades: If your student has missing assignments, please speak with your student and email the teacher.
  2. Attendance: Board policy is student can have 3 absences per class, beyond that students could be at risk for losing credit. Work with their grade level Vice Principal.
  3. Tardies: Students are allowed 3 tardies per class, students need to serve a lunch detention for each tardy beyond the allowable 3 tardies. Lunch detention is open Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. The intention is to change the student's behavior; we hope that serving lunch detention will prevent them from being tardy again. Please speak with your student(s) about being on time.

Final Schedule for End of Year:

Final Schedule for Seniors:

· Wednesday, May 18th B-day 1-2B Finals

· Thursday, May 19th A-day 1-2A Finals

· Friday, May 20th B-day 3-4B Finals

· Monday, May 23rd A-day 3-4A Finals

· Tuesday, May 24th Seniors last day: Assembly, picnic, graduation practice, etc.

Students are expected to attend school, all classes, during finals week.

Schedule for 9-11 grade classes that are administering a final:

Full day schedule:

· Friday, May 27th A-day 1-2A Finals

· Tuesday, May 31st B-day 1-2B Finals

· Wednesday, June 1st A-day 3-4A Finals

· Thursday, June 2nd B-day 3-4B Finals

· Friday, June 3rd No School 6-12

Teacher ALL day workday for grading, wrapping up the end of year, etc.

Classes that will take finals on Friday, May 27th and Tuesday, May 31st students will still be expected to attend class on Wednesday, June 1st and Thursday, June 2nd.

Published Authors!

Congratulations to the following students who are now published authors! Their poetry submission was chosen as one of the top 100 submissions out of the entire state (over 1,000 submissions!!!) for the 2022 Idaho Youth Writing Challenge about being in a healthy teen relationship and dealing with being a teenager.

Riley Allred

Cassandra Bloomfield (more than 1 submission)

Maryn Bowers

Jada Day

Halle Farris

Kaylee Izaguirre

Sydney Middleton

Lauren Muniz

Devon Schmidt

HOSA Accomplishments

Congratulations to the following HOSA members on their accomplishments from last week. We had thirteen students place in the top ten!

Emory Lindstrom: 1st in Human Growth & Development

Hailey Guray: 2nd in Pharmacology

Brooke Elton: 8th in Nursing Assisting

Brinley Larsen, Hailey Guray, Payton Watkins-Panzeri, Alicia Hagberg: 6th in Creative Problem Solving

Batula Omar, Naweh Jue, Nimo Adan & Laney Dew: 6th in Community Awareness

Maliya Purdy: 7th in Pathophysiology

Andrew Suapaia: 8th in Physical Therapy

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6, 2022)

While we often thank our teachers every day, it’s during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6, 2022) when we like to pause and really show our love for the teachers in our lives.

Let’s all shower teachers in appreciation and share how we love (❤️) like (👍), celebrate (🎉) and care for (😍) our teachers!

We encourage you to tell your student's teacher (s) how much you…
  • Love (❤️) how they encourage your student(s) in special ways
  • Like (👍) what’s happening in their classroom
  • Celebrate (🎉) their achievements with students
  • Care about (😍) their commitment to students and families

West Ada teachers ensure every student has the tools they need to reach their full potential and it's during Teacher Appreciation Week that we take a moment to truly recognize and appreciate how our district's educators play such a pivotal role in our student's lives—inspiring a lifelong love of learning and discovery and making a difference in their well-being and long-term success.

Please note: Messages will be shared publicly via social media during Teacher Appreciation Week. To share photos please email directly, you can also tag @westadaschools in photos or use #thankateacher.

Teacher Appreciation Week- A Penny For Your Thanks

Dear Parents/Guardians and students- Do you ever wish you had a quick and inexpensive way to express your thanks to educators/coaches who have helped your student(s)? May 2nd kicks off our annual Teacher Appreciation week. This year, we would like to provide our teachers a visual reminder of the many thanks students and parents express through a "penny for your thanks" drive.

Please place a penny for each gratitude in your teachers' jars. This will provide them a visual of how many thank yous our patrons are sending their way. We will collect thank you pennies beginning today and ending May 2nd. Students may place their pennies in the jars located in our main office before/after school or during passing. OR, students may drop off a baggie with names and pennies and we will add them to the jars for them. We appreciate your participation, and as always, please feel free to reach out to your teachers individually with a quick email or note of thanks.

You Are Invited!

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I am thrilled to announce that you are invited to our in person meeting about the Spring 2023 tour to New York City and Washington D.C for your student. To attend, please be sure to register through this link. This is an amazing opportunity for your student to learn more about our country, gain new perspectives, get out of their comfort zone and build skills for the future. Join us for the chance to enroll and go over everything about the trip including:

· What we’ll see and do

· Travel logistics

· Safety and flexibility

· How to earn high school credit

· Affordable payment options and more

When: Thursday, April 28th @6:00

Where: To attend, you must register through this link

Questions? Email me:

Register to attend our meeting using this link. If you can’t make the meeting, but would still like to learn more, select: “No, but send more information” to stay informed.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Veronica Martinez

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2022-23 Student Registration

Please make sure that your student(s) is completely registered for next year.

To do this please go into your parent power school parent account and do the update contact information form. If you have an incoming 9th grader you must also do the medical form.

In Parent Power School, go to School forms and scroll down to Update Student Registration & medical form. Once finished, the contact form should move to completed forms but the medical will keep coming back to you so just do it once by filling out the update contact information form.

If you don't know your username or password, please contact our registrar, Barb Nelson at

Mountain View Production- Tuck Everlasting

Mountain View Players Presents Tuck Everlasting

Matinee Performance- April 23 @ 1pm

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Career Center Highlights!

West Ada's College and Career Fair will be on April 25th : INFO HERE

For full Career Newsletter, view here.

Email if you have questions.


Upcoming Dates:

Girls Basketball: April 26th- Announce new head coach.

Dance: April 26th – Announce new head coach.

May 2nd & 3rd – Practice 5:45 a.m. – 7:10 a.m.,

May 4th- Tryouts 5:45 a.m.- 7:10 a.m.

May 11th- Parent Meeting in lecture hall 6:00 p.m.

Cheer: Open gym information here.

Girls Soccer: May 3rd – Player/Parent Meeting 6:00 @ Stadium bleachers.

Football: Registration information here

Looking for score updates, schedules, and rosters? Check the Southern Idaho Conference webpage here

Many of our athletic events are streamed live online. Visit the NFHS network to watch the Mavs in action. High School Sports Online - Stream Live & On Demand (

Interested in donating to Mountain View athletics? Click here

*Athletics Home / MVHS Athletics Homepage (

Student Handbook: PARKING


Parking is a privilege at the school site. Students are not allowed to park in areas designated visitor parking, faculty or staff parking, handicapped parking, or curbs painted red or yellow. Student vehicles must have a parking permit displayed as directed to be able to park on campus. Student vehicles must be parked in designated student parking spaces within parking lines. Failure to purchase and properly display a permit is a violation of policy. The security officer or administration may make parent notification after the third offense. Parking violations are subject to a fine and vehicles may be towed, and/or driving privileges may be revoked;


The West Ada School District assumes no responsibility for theft or damage. Any damage that does occur with a vehicle should be immediately reported to the security officer. For the security of all vehicles, students are not to be in the parking lot during classes or breaks. Students found in the parking lot during class may receive disciplinary action. All students are forbidden to loiter in the parking lot at any time.


By purchasing a parking permit, students agree to allow administration the right to search their vehicle if reasonable suspicion is evident and only if the student is present during the search.


All students driving to school must register their vehicle in the main office. Each school year a vehicle registration fee will be charged. This fee will include one parking permit. Parking permits are non-transferable.


Vehicles will be driven in a responsible manner on campus. Inattentive or irresponsible driving will not be tolerated and will be subject to a fine and/or restriction imposed by school officials. Inattentive or irresponsible driving includes, but is not limited to, speeding, rapid acceleration, racing, burning tires, or making illegal turns.

  • Driving violations are subject to fines and additional offenses may result in loss of driving privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  • A schedule of fines will be provided by the school with each student parking pass.
  • Driving violations will be determined as observed by the school security officer or school officials. The school security officer may make parent notification after the first offense.

From Previous Newsletters

Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) Information

What is the ISAT? Each year, students in grades 3-8 and once in high school, during 10th grade, take the Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) to determine whether they have achieved the standards for their grade level and subject area. There are tests for English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA), Mathematics and Science. The ISAT summative assessment is administered during the last 8 weeks of the school. It consists of two parts: a computer-adaptive test and performance tasks that are given on the computer.

What are the main objectives of the assessment?

  • To give an indication of both student achievement and growth of student learning as part of program evaluation and school, district, and the state accountability system.
  • To provide a valid, reliable, and fair measures of students’ progress toward, and the attainment of the knowledge and skills required to be college and career ready.
  • To capitalize on the strengths of computer-adaptive testing — efficient and precise measurement across the full range of achievement with quick turnaround of results.

When is the ISAT given? The ISAT summative assessment is administered during the last 8 weeks of the school year. Testing at MVHS will begin April 11. Why is the ISAT given? These tests are administered to provide ongoing monitoring of individual, school, district, and state progress. Academic proficiency is more than scores. Competency in all academic areas is the goal for every child. This once a year (summative) test is an important component of the statewide student assessment system as stated in IDAPA New ISAT Assessment Resources Webpage Available for Parents Idaho parents can learn more about state tests and their child’s performance using a new interactive website available from the Idaho State Department of Education. The SDE, working with the state’s testing company, developed new reports for parents and a new website for parents to dig deeper into what their child’s results mean. The new resource webpage is available at

How can I help my student?

Ensure they attend school regularly and participate in their classes and coursework.

Ensure they are getting adequate sleep and nutrition.

Ensure they understand these assessments are relevant and that they should do their best when they take them.

Attention Parents/Guardians of Seniors

Hello Senior Parents…

Senior Grad night Celebration is a parent sponsored/run event. The high school does not sponsor or operate the event. We have not been notified of any interest in the party planning. This program, in the past, has needed 5 or more parents to plan and then more to do the chaperoning at the venue. The event has been at Wahooz. If you would like to take the lead in organizing the event, contact Mr. Dicus that you are interested in doing it.

Seniors, please make sure to check with bookkeeper that all your fines are paid, if you have any items out or owe fines, we will hold your Diploma until they are paid. Must be done by

May 20, 2022. Thank you.

Lunch Portal for 2022-23 School Year

The TITAN Family portal is a secure, online system that allows parents to:

-Check school menus

-Make online payments to their children's meal accounts

-Remotely monitor their children's account - Set up automatic recurring payments and low balance alerts

-Submit an online application for free or reduced meals (Applications for SY22/23 will be available August 1st)

For the 22/23 school year, lunches will go back to paid status.

For more information see full flyer here.

Honor Designation Grade Pull

Just a reminder the grade pulls to determine Honors Designations for graduation will be pulled at 8:00 am on Monday, May 2. You will need to work with your teachers to ensure that your grades are up to date for this purpose.

Per district policy 603.21 Honor's designations for graduation will be calculated based on the student's current cumulative Weighted GPA on the specified day.

The Honor's designations will be as follows.

Highest Honors: 4.1-5.0 (or students with a 4.0 who have earned an associate degree from an accredited institution) 3 Cords: Blue, Green & Silver

High Honors: 3.77-4.099 2 Cords: Blue & Green

Honors: 3.5-3.7699 Silver Cord

Honor Graduate speakers will be chosen by the senior class, from the pool of seniors, in the top 10% of the class on May 2.

No changes made to a student's grade after May 2 will alter an honors designation for the purpose of graduation.

If you have questions please contact the Senior Vice Principal, Don Dicus or the counseling office.

Summer School

Does your student need to take summer school?

Online registration for Summer School will open on Monday, March 28th.

Summer School is IN-PERSON at Meridian High School.

*It is expected that students will attend in-person if they sign up for summer school.

Session 1:

June 13 – June 30th: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday – Thursday (No school on Fridays)

Session 2:

July 6th – July 21st: The first week of the 2nd session will run Wednesday – Friday (7/6-7/8) to accommodate the July 4th holiday. The next 2 weeks will run as follows: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday – Thursday (No school on Fridays).

To view full flyer, click here.

Access West Ada summer school details and information on our district’s website.

Please contact your student’s counselor for registration questions.

*For online summer course options, please contact your student’s counselor.

Safety First

Please always put safety first. Driving in our parking lot and in front of the businesses along Millennium Way needs to be safer. Please sloooooooowwwww down and watch for pedestrians.

Athletics & After School Activities

When students attend athletic events and/or after school activities, students are expected to be on their best behavior. If students are asked to do something, like move seats, stop doing something, speak kindly, etc., students are expected to comply. If students do not comply, they can be suspended from attending future athletic events.

We appreciate good sportsmanship from all of our guests, adults and students alike.

Prom Dress and Tuxedo Rental Options

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Locker Room Lockers

If your student uses a gym locker for PE or athletics, please remind them to always lock their personal items in their locker. We are unable to prevent theft when things are just left out. This is the purpose of lockers. Thank you for your help!

The Social Dilemma

Parents/Guardians and Student,

Please consider watching the film, the Social Dilemma on Netflix.

Discover what’s hiding on the other side of your screen
We tweet, we like, and we share— but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? This documentary-drama hybrid reveals how social media is reprogramming civilization with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

See Something- Say Something

Safety is our top priority!

If you see something happening that is unsafe, we would like you to report it, you can do so from our homepage. Look for the icon shown here.

You can also report something directly, here.

Be On Time!

It's a new semesters, so it's a fresh start for tardies! If your student has more than 3 tardies (T or TL) in a class, he/she will need to serve detention until the number is back to or below 3 per class.

Guardians and students, being on time is important. There are a handful of students in the hallways after the final bell has rung. The majority of tardies are seen 1st period and 3rd period. Please plan ahead and leave for school earlier and modify lunch plans to not be late. Please monitor your student's PowerSchool weekly to check their grades, attendance and tardies.

We play music with 2 minutes remaining in the passing period, this is the signal to students that class is starting soon. Students, please be on time. Guardians, please speak with your student about the importance of not being late.

Lunch detention for 4 or more tardies. The limit per class is 3.

Lunch detention is served on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


  • Taking a Trip or Vacation? If you know you are going to pull your student out of school for a trip or vacation, or any extended period of time, please have your student pick up a Pre-Approved Absence sheet from the main office. This helps us track attendance and helps your student get organized in their classes prior to being gone.
  • If you need to check your student out, please do so by calling the attendance office ahead of time. To get your student out of class, please call 45 minutes prior to the time you will be here to pick them up. If your student has an appointment in the morning, please call the day prior to the appointment. We appreciate your support!
  • If a student is absent please call the attendance line to report their absence.
  • Students that are in quarantine will attend school remotely and will not be marked absent.
  • Our school funding this year is based on attendance. Absences = less money for Mountain View High School. Please be in class. Teachers will be instructing bell to bell for maximized learning opportunities.
  • Attendance Line- (208) 855-4063

MAV TIME: See Your Teachers Before School For Extra Help

MAV Time is time before school that is available to students that need extra help or want some one-on-one time with their teachers to improve their learning.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:10-7:40am is MAV time.
Students can make arrangements to see their teachers or stop by their room for help.

Writing Center

Need help cleaning up a paper? Come visit the writing center!

This year the Writing Center is being held in room 106.

Writing Center Updated Hours:

Tuesday before school

Thursday before school

Saturday Tutoring: enter through the back of the school, new wing

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It is important that we are always practicing self-care. Students should be getting enough sleep, nutrition and practicing self-care daily. Rest, eating habits and daily routine effect their ability to be successful in school. Students can reach out to their counselor for help.

Synchronous Instruction- Students out for Illness

The high school principals and the school district have determined that we would provide the following consistent practices in all of our buildings when a student is on quarantine.

  • All assignments / resources on TEAMS - TEAMS structure is consistent within each building
  • Synchronous learning opportunities are provided for students during direct instruction
  • Assessments will be taken in the building

Tips and Tricks for Students at Home

1. Go to Teams

2. Check Weekly Agenda – follow directions

3. Complete tasks – Join class on time, if live

4. Submit work according to class instructions

5. Still confused? Email your teacher (use school email, include period in subject line, ask a specific question)

Idaho Standards Command Responses for Schools

Safety is our top priority. Police have worked together, from around the state, to create the command responses below. These posters are hung in every classroom at MVHS. Please review these commands. The more students, parents and teachers are familiar with these commands, the more safe our school is when a commands is used.
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Lost & Found

Lost and found items are collected throughout the month and placed under the stairway area, near the front entrance of the school. Items will be donated at the end of each month. If you lose something, please go through the lost and found prior to the end of the month.

Hats, Hoods and Head Coverings

Hats, hoods and head coverings are not allowed while in the building. The reason is for safety. We want to be able to see everyone's face and identify students, both in person and on our camera system.

Students, please do not wear hats, hoods or head coverings in the hallways or the classrooms.

ID Badges

Students should wear their ID badges every day. This is a safety issue and it provides students with building access. Students are expected to wear their badge on a lanyard daily.

Check PowerSchool

Parents/Guardians and Students,

Please check PowerSchool regularly to monitor your student's grades, attendance and tardies. If students need academic support, see the academic support section in the newsletter for MAV time and tutoring opportunities.

Students have been given notice if they are exceeding tardies. Students are allowed 3 tardies per class, any beyond 3 requires a lunch detention be served. Lunch detention is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each month. Please help your student check so they don't lose credit.

Thanks for supporting your student(s).

Substitutes Needed: Parents, Please Consider Subbing for MVHS

Parents and Guardians,

We are in a district wide sub shortage. Please consider signing up to be a substitute teacher for West Ada School District. If you want to make arrangements to sub for MVHS, this can be worked out.

Check out substitute information here.

COVID Information:

Illness at School

Parents and students,

If your student is feeling ill at school, and they text you, please be sure to have your student report to our health office. It is important that the school nurse be involved and the nurse will contact you if your student needs to leave campus.

Thank you!

Feeling Ill, Please Stay Home

The best way to stop the spread is to stay home if you are feeling ill.

Please see the childhood illness page to help you decide if you should come to school or not. If you stay home, a guardian should call the school's attendance line and let them know you are out for illness. Then students should check teams for assignments and work on class work.


We welcome your feedback. Please let us know if we are missing items in our newsletter.

We also welcome you to view our website and provide any feedback there as well.

Feel free to email:

Scot Montoya:

Don Dicus: (website)

Karen Rice: (newsletter)

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Weekly newsletters can be viewed through our website, toward the bottom.