Hide & Seek with Sugar

by Jada :)

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sugar is sweet. It's what makes delicious foods like candy, cookies, cake, etc. But according to recent studies, sugar is in a lot of foods, and even drinks, some of which we would never expect for sugar to be in.

Take sports drinks for example. They taste good and they give us energy. But what causes that? Sugar. Sugar is used many ways from making delicious sweets to giving off energy to causing health problems. Health problems such as liver disease, obesity, headaches, tooth decay, and weight gaining all lead to dangerous effects of consuming too much sugar. When one of these side-effects takes place, they could lead to problems like laziness and lethargicness. Because of this, you heart rate can drop and your blood sugar could start craving more sweets which leads to even more health problems. This is why we must watch what we eat.

Trick or Treat

Sugar is both a trick and a treat. It tricks you by hiding in foods that you think could be healthy such as yogurt, fruit, and orange juice. Without knowing this, some people take in too much sugar. Studies show that you are only supposed to eat about 8 teaspoons of sugar per day, but most people eat almost triple that amount! To avoid this, you can look on the nutritious bar on various items of food. Most foods/ingredients that contain sugar will have a name with the suffix "ose" such as fructose syrup. A little sugar is a treat, but a lot of hidden sugar is a trick!
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Sugar: Hiding in plain sight - Robert Lustig