Where Is Middle Earth


By Erica Hambacker

Iceland introduction

Even though it has a cold oceanic climate of Iceland makes up for it with its breathtaking landscape. It is full of vast fields of grass, beautiful waterfalls that flow into streams and rivers, mountain ranges that touch the sky, and natural structures only found here. Here the people of Iceland speak Icelandic, and the majority of them are members of the Lutheran state church. Like most every place, Iceland has features only common to itself, and just maybe some other places (Middle Earth).

Argumentative essay

Features of Middle Earth are all around, you just got to know where to look. Key to the Hobbit are the misty mountains, and though you can not find them under this name, I believe that Iceland's beautiful mount Snæfell at an amazing 1833 meters high it is the highest freestanding mountain in Iceland. Another cool feature of Middle Earth is the elves valley. Iceland's Fribourg canton is a perfect place for these magical creatures to roam free and live. Magic is everywhere in Middle Earth, and Iceland. Just look into the sky and you will see an array of green light float before your eyes. Science? maybe, or it could just be Gandalf putting on another one of his firework shows.


Counter argument

Some might say that Alaska has magical lights to why isn't it Middle Earth? Or that the mountains in the Middle east are bigger, why can't they be the Misty Mountains? Both are good statements, but does the Middle east have Northern lights, or Alaska big mountains? No, Iceland is the best example of Middle Earth because it has all the features that make it magical and wonderous. Iceland is the total package, it comes with everything. Until Alaska's mountains grow, Or the Middle east starts to glow Iceland will be there to put a picture behind the mystery.


Right in the middle of the Atlantic lays a land unique to all others. From the ice-capped mountains to the flowing valleys Iceland provides proof to the existence of Middle-earth. Here there are valleys for elves, mountains for goblins, Holes for hobbits, and enough magic for all. Right in the middle of the Earth lies our Middle Earth.