Japan Economy

By: Alex Baggett


35 N 136 E


Japanese Yan

What is the currency from japan to the US

The US pays less than Japan does.

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What does GDP stand for?




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Importing and Exporting

Importing when food and supply come in on planes or cars. Exporting is when they are giving stuff to someone or someplace else.


What if importing was more expensive than exporting? Well you could not make as much money as you want.

My Summery

Japan is good on import and export. They are sort of bad on poverty because 16% of Japan is under poverty. Their GDP has went up and then down a lot. Our currency is called yen and our coordinates our 35 N 136 E. So, in conclusion the U.S. money is more valuable then Japanese yen.

My Grade

I think I deserve a B+ because I could of done more just I didn't have enough time. I learned a lot about economy. I learned about Japanese money and a lot more.