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Brianna Dixon 6th Grade Earth Science\

Earthquakes PBL

This project was all about creating n earthquake-safe house in California. In fact, the driving question was how can we, as structural engineers construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? Our design was made was shaped in a trapezoid with a square on top. It was designed like this so that the larger base could help keep the structure from tipping over. During this project I learned How a structure must be well supported to be able to withstand seismic activity, and it must include earthquake-safe technology to keep it safe.

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Our final result

This is our final result after building
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Our design

This is our design for Tony Stark's house

30 Hands Project

During this project, I learned about what causes climate change and what effects it has on humans, animals, and ecosystems. I enjoyed learning about things we can do to prevent pollution and global warming. I also enjoyed making the different slides very colorful and using my imagination to set a theme for each slide.

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Invention Convention

With our invention, we hope to solve the problem that is how the ozone layer is being destroyed by the harmful pollutants in the air. Our invention, the O3 Constructor takes oxygen, heats and splits the molecules so that they regroup into O3, and then shoots the O3 into the atmosphere to add onto and repair the ozone layer. The O3 Constructor uses UV lights or black lights to super heat and split the tiny oxygen molecules. The molecules then regroup into three's and become ozone or O3.
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Project Design

This is the original design of the project. It is the O3 Constructor

My Favorite Unit In Science

My favorite unit in science was the unit we did on plate tectonics. (see Earthquake PBL) I liked this unit because I enjoyed learning about how some islands and mountains were formed. I learned about continental drift and the different layers within the earth. My favorite lab was the egg lab, where we compared the earth to a hard boiled egg.

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Title page

This is my favorite unit's title page
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Egg Lab

This is one of my favorite activities that we did.