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Lea Saab

Fighting Isis

Since June 2014, a terrorist group, called "Isis" attacked over 20 countries worldwide,

Killing more than 200,000 people. Isis is still unstoppable til now.

Why is fighting Isis controversial?

Fighting isis is controversial, because there are a lot of people who want to end this terrorist group because it's causing a lot of deaths. There are also people who support this terrorist group. This is causing a disagreement between the 2 groups
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What does Donald trump plan to do about fighting Isis?

Donald Trump's ideas are:

- Suspend Immigration from most dangerous regions

- come up with a way to prevent Isis from using the enternet

- destroy all the oil field in the Middle East, saying that they're "a primary source for Isis"

What do Republicans in Congress plan to do about this issue?

The Republicans in Congress plan to use military Force in the fight against Isis. Lindsey Graham, plans to send 10,000 troups into the region to fight Isis.
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What does Hilary Clinton plan to do?

"ISIS is demonstrating new ambition, reach and capabilities. We learn to break to break the group's momentum and then its back."

Hilary's plans are:

- to take out Isis's stronghold in Iraq and Syria

- Protect The US and the allies

- Destroy the Global Network because it supplies Isis with money, propoganda, and more fighters.

What do democrats in Congress plan to do?

Democrats in Congress would rather not use military Force because it would make things worse. However, they suggest that the President should focus on increasing airport securities.
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Stein and Johnson ideas

Both Stein and Johnson believe that the use of force will make things worse not better.

Instead, they recommended that countries cease purchasing oil sold by Isis

They also want to find a way to prevent ISIS from using the enternet. Finally, they suggest forming partnerships with countries currintly battling ISIS.

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The "Act for America" organization

"Act For America" is an organization dedicated to fighting ISIS. It currently has over 280,000 members and is placing itself in the position to be a global leader for human rights and equality.
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My position on the Issue

I agree that the use of military Force and war would make things worst. I also think that we should increase airport securities, and find smart and non-violent ways to defeat ISIS, like trying to find out the strategies they use and try to prevent them from using them.