Princess and the Pig

Alyssa Ramirez B3


Have you ever seen a princess before? Once upon a time there was a princess that was sitting in her room. One weird day there was a flying pig out side of her window she loved pet's, so she let it in the castle.

Rising Action

The pig came in and sat on the couch. She was really sad because the fortune teller told her she would never be in a marriage, that she will be lonely forever. So she told the pig that she would keep him for along time. Se was having a hard time because her dad never liked pets.

Rising Action

That day she was getting kind of tired, she went to sleep the pig was still there and then the pig stared to talk he said " I need to get out of here, I need to get out of this spell" and he said that over and over again. The princess finally herd him and said " you can talk?" he jumped he said " you herd that " she said " yes."

Rising Action

"HI my name is bob and I was spelled by a wicked witch."She turned me into a pig,and the worst part of this is, she told me that I cant get rid of this spell unless I find a true love, and get a kiss for her." said bob." so why did you come to me?" said the princess

Rising Action

"Well I thought you would like to help me." said bob " well I am despert for a husband but I am not that despert to kiss a pig, SO NO.'' Said the princess " well I thought that you were nice an thought to help me" said bob" well I need a real man NOT a pig, but I am sorry I cant help you'' said the princess.

Rising Action

" Well what if I told you I am a real man." said bob "Ya right you are a pig that can talk. "said the princess " Ya but I was a real man before the witch spelled me."


" Ok fine but if you aren't a prince or a handsome guy I will take you back to the witch and tell her to turn you back into a pig." said the princess " ok that is fair enough." said bob so they kissed, it was very weird but then she saw a handsome man.

Falling Action

" That is fair enough so I will have to keep you because I kissed you, and know you have to be my husband." said the princess " sure" said bob


They had a happily ever after. But that was not it they had two every beautiful kids!!!!!!!!!