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What's happening in 7th grade Spanish?

2 - 6 diciembre 2013

Brought to you by Profesora Dordoni....for now:)

We are really excited to be using our Chromebooks for sooooo many different things in class. Ask your scholars what they've been doing so far! This is our first weekly newsletter where we can keep you informed about our student of the week, what we are learning, upcoming project dates and homework. I will send these out for the next few weeks and beginning the week of 16 diciembre 2013, they will be created by our scholars. Please click on this link for the newsletter requirements and schedule.

ESTUDIANTE DE LA SEMANA (18-22 noviembre): Angel Abramson (Periodo 2)

Mi libro favorito: To Kill a Mockingbird Autora: Harper Lee

Mi animal favorito: perro

Lo que más me gusta de nuestra escuela: ¡Los profesores!

ESTUDIANTE DE LA SEMANA (2-6 diciembre): Salvador Maidenberg (Periodo 1)

Mi comida favorita: Sushi

Lo que hago bien: Fútbol

Mi deseo: Famoso jugador de fútbol

Fiesta Favorita: See Due Date and Requirements below

7th grade scholars have been using their Chromebooks in class to create online posters where they are writing about their fiestas favoritas (favorite holidays), what their holidays represent and why they like them. They collaborated (using Google Presentation) with other classmates who like the same holidays to create a shared resource with relevant vocabulary and sentences paying special attention to singular/plural verb agreement and definite/indefinite articles. Even though we are learning how to apply grammar rules in Spanish, the most important skill is being able to effectively communicate our messages and we are doing a great job!

What's next...

1. This week, we will read/listen to an article about the graffiti scene in Barcelona. ¿Es arte o vandalismo? We'll discuss. Even though we may not understand every word in the articles we read, we can use what we've learned so far about cognates and language structures in order to infer the main idea and some details...enough to have limited discussions on which we will continue to build our proficiency levels.

Fíjate (check out) el artículo here under noticias:

Create a student account (the student code is solverde).

Fíjate (check out) este calendario de arte urbano.

2. What is your favorite pasatiempo (pastime)? We will also be learning how to discuss what we like to do in our free time. Vocabulary link.

3. ¿Cómo es tu familia? How is your family? What are they like? Students will learn/review vocabulary related to the family and then be able describe relationships in the family, características of family members and what kind of activities you like and do not like to do. We will be continuously recycling vocabulary and connecting our new stuff to previously learned stuff.

4. YOU ARE INVITED TO COME TO CLASS AND TALK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY! This would be a great time to come and visit and tell us a story or about yourself and your family. All languages welcome! This will give us a wonderful opportunity to make connections between our own families and yours...and then we get to write about you en español of course:) Email me:

PobleDubSec GRAFFITI JAM '2012 @
grafiti otavalo

Fiesta Favorita Glogster Project DUE DATE

Monday, Dec. 9th, 3pm

This is an online event.

Project Requirements and Rubrics

My sample project BELOW:

Fiesta Favorita Oral Assessment DUE DATE

Tuesday, Dec. 10th, 8:30am

Spanish Classroom

Above link for project requirements also contains questions that can be asked on oral assessment AND oral communication rubric.


lunes, 2 diciembre: Continue work on GLOGSTER; bring headphones (optional) for stations el viernes.

martes, 3 diciembre:

1. Actividades y Pasatiempos vocabulario. Your choice...

  • Either print and paste 4 Actividades y Pasatiempos slides into páginas 21-22 en el cuaderno (label this page Actividades y Pasatiempos in your notebook contents), OR
  • Copy the words AND their English translations (in another color), OR
  • Copy the words and provide your own illustrations or drawings for each.

2. Estudiante de la Semana SHAPES DUE tomorrow for Periodos 1 y 5.

3. Continue work on GLOGSTER.

miércoles, 4 diciembre:

Estudiante de la semana SHAPES DUE IN CLASS TODAY (Periodos 1 y 5).

1.If you have not attached your vocabulario en páginas 21 y 21 del cuaderno, attach them.

2. Bring headphones (optional) for stations el viernes.

jueves, 5 diciembre:

1. Duplicate the ¿con qué frecuencia? chart in your Diario. Choose 4 NEW activities to fill in the blanks and ask 4 different miembros de la familia.

2. GLOGSTER DUE el lunes.

3. Bring headphones (optional) for stations tomorrow.

viernes, 6 diciembre: GLOGSTER DUE el lunes