Connor Boyle and Bella Ranallo


Current Leader: Jose "Pepe" MUJICA Cordano (President)
Capital: Montevideo
Neighboring Countries: Argentina, Brazil
Population: 3,324,460
Important Products: rice, wheat, corn, barley, livestock, fish
Major Cities: Montevideo
Climate: warm temperature
Landmarks: Colonia del Sacrameno (colonial center)


Language(s): Spanish, Portunol, or Brazilero
Holidays: Independence Day 24 August (1825)
Religions: Roman 66%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 1%, other 31%

Interesing Facts:

Charua Indians lived there first. Spain came to South America in 1516, but the indians wanted independence. In the 16 and 1700s the Spanish started conquering the land. In 1811, the Uruguayans fought for independence. In 1825, they became independent.