Zombie Apocalypse Survival 101

where to go during the zombie apocalypse

Tips For Survival

1.Don't make a lot of noise, zombies ears can work

2.Find Trash, cover yourself in it, it will mask your human smell

3.Bring a emergency kit with supplies

4.Go at nighttime, and stay in the shadows, because zombies eyes don't work well

5.stay out of dead ends, the zombies can and will corner you

A supply list

Here are stuff to put in your emergency kit

1.A couple of Gallons of water for each person

2.Food (microwavable stuff)

3.A light source, preferably a flashlight

4.A weather radio

5.Duct Tape

6.Medications and Medical supplies (ex:Bandages)

7.Sleeping bags, extra clothes, and blankets

8.A map of the area