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January 2015

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Photo by Volunteer Park Photographer Scott Sawyer from the Fort Point Candelight Tour.

Recent Successes

New Staff & Kudos

NEW STAFF: Matt Chaplin

I am originally from Ojai, CA then attended UCSB (Biology) before Uncle Sam "requested" my company. I worked for major drug companies as a sales rep before becoming a Real Estate broker. I am married to a beautiful woman who has tolerated me while keeping me on the straight and narrow...most of the time. I work for the NPS at the Bridge Pavillion as a park guide. The same words that got in trouble in the army "I enjoy long walks in the woods and along quiet beaches"—were what prompted me to work for the park service.


"I started out my career as a Veterinary Technician working mostly with wildlife. However after coming back from Peace Corps Ecuador I switched into the wild life of a Park Ranger. Look for me in the Headlands either on duty or as a volunteer with the Horse Patrol."

—Sarah Koenen, Park Ranger, Marin Headlands


"I find GGNRA one of the most exciting national park units to serve the NPS mission. In my position at Muir Woods, I want to serve as an example to people from all walks of life to work hard to make their dreams come true. Being in this area with full of possibilities, I want to explore and push limits of my ranger work as well as my new life. I look forward to working/having fun with you in the process."

—Todd Hisaichi, Park Ranger, Muir Woods National Monument


Kudos to Nancy Goodman for now doing time and attendance for 5 more people. Nancy does it ever so gracefully and its appreciated more than she realizes. Congratulations to Todd Hisaichi for celebrating 10 years of service and Lynn Fonfa for 25 years of service to the National Park Service. Your dedication and passion for the job shines through each day.


December marks the end of season for Muir Woods seasonal Tairon Kimura. We thank him for his service and wish him the best of luck as he heads back to school.

JOB DETAIL: Aimee Snider on detail at BMD

Congratulation to Aimee Snider who started a 120 day detail to the Business Management Division. While she is learning new skills and getting a new perspective, Interpretation will also get to benefit from her experience working on permitting and other related matters.

I & E Highlights

CELEBRATION: 142 Anniversary Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Special thanks to Sarah Koenen and her VIP team for participating in the 142nd anniversary celebration for Pigeon Point Lighthouse. They contacted 1250 visitors throughout the day and evening.

SPECIAL EVENT: United Nations Foundation in Muir Woods

Ranger Lucy Scott set up a day for the United Nations Foundation in Muir Woods.Mia Monroe welcomed and Volunteer Nelson provided a special tour.


Special thanks go to Amanda Williford and her team of museum staff for doing a deep clean of the Alcatraz Bureau of Prisons exhibit. It was much needed and will now be enjoyed even more by thousands of visitors.

Health & Wellness

Marin Bowling Team

Lucy Scott, Captain

This Lane was Made for You and Me has wrapped up an amazing first season at the Presidio Bowling Alley. Members of the team included NPS, Conservancy, Muir Woods Trading Company and volunteers from Muir Woods and Marin Headlands. While we didn't place particularly high in number of pins knocked over, we certainly had the highest team spirit and the most fun of any bowlers out there. Thank you so much team members and distinguished guests for joining me each week—it was an honor.


from the Interp Wellness Committee Rep (AKA Lucy)

Drink a glass of water, right after you wake up.

"I've been doing this for about a year now—I leave a glass in my bathroom and chug it, first thing. It hydrates me after consuming no water for the past 8 hours, it gets my digestive system moving and it fires up my metabolism. There are lots of benefits to this easy practice. I also find it more appealing to drink out of a glass water bottle at work. It tastes better and glass bottles are easier to clean (can safely go in the dishwasher.) Here is my favorite, but I recommend any with a protective jacket and a handle, making it easy to carry along the trail. Wouldn't it be awesome if Santa gave us all custom NPS bottles?"

Healthy Parks Healthy People

Don't forget HPHP programs happen the first Saturday of every month. The NBC/Toyota commercials (see video below) are going to highlight HPHP First Saturdays events and one specific HPHP event every month.

Safety Message

When using Holiday Lights

  • Indoors or outside, always use lights that have been tested for safety by a recognized testing laboratory that indicates conformance with safety standards.
  • Check each set of lights, new or old, for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections, and throw out damaged sets.
  • Use no more than three standard-size sets of lights per single extension cord.

Project Updates

Update on the Presidio Visitor Center

With exhibit designer Jeremy Regenbogen of Macchiatto we are ending the final phases of schematic design for the Presidio VC . The new VC will be housed in building 210, the former guardhouse which today houses the post office and bank. Located between the historic Main Post and soon to be developed tunnel tops, this will be the prime location for first time visitors to learn about the Presidio and understand what there is to see and do. Stories will be told through an overarching theme of The Changing Landscape with Service, Community and Innovation as sub-themes.For more information, be sure to ask Theresa Griggs and Michael Faw who have been working tirelessly on this project.


Interpretation and The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has put out a new video produced by Doug McConnell and Carl Bidleman of OpenRoad.TV. The video is narrated by Interp Ranger MJ Alcantara and features former GOGA Interp Ranger Bridget Peregrino, and many others as they describe their experience working in interpretation, resource protection, maintenance and natural resources at Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We hope the video inspires a new generation of NPS employees that may not have considered a career in the parks. The video is located on our park jobs page at www.nps.gov/goga/jobs and is part of a larger effort to grow and retain the diversity of our workforce.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ten Diversity Tips in the Workplace

By Simma Lieberman

  1. Create processes to make people who are different from you feel welcome and included in your organization, and then use the media to alert potential employees that you are a welcoming inclusive employer.
  2. Mentor people who are from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds or a different gender. It will help you become more comfortable with other people and will help your staff grow in their careers.
  3. Incorporate ideas from other cultures to solve problems and be more innovative.
  4. Use resources already in place and research what other organizations have done to be successful. Develop relationships with employee affinity groups and keep them apprised of any openings.
  5. Provide cross-cultural communication training to help staff work well together and serve the client population more effectively.
  6. Survey and interview staff across demographics to determine their needs to create a strategic plan for retention and increased recruitment under represented populations.
  7. Examine your definition of leadership qualities to include ways in which people who have different thought processes and communication styles can lead. If you have been hierarchical in the past, start learning people with consensus styles can also be effective leaders and do not exclude them from the recruiting process.
  8. Conduct exit interviews and identify patterns and themes if they exist. Be willing to change to accommodate and use new ideas and creativity.
  9. Be aware of your own biases and stereotypes and their impact on the environment Participate in high-level diversity training. Rethink your beliefs that a candidate should always have direct eye contact, be a certain weight or height, speak the way you do, have children, be single, lead in only one way, not be in a wheelchair, not be hearing impaired, etc. Unless there are physical requirements to being able to do the job, don't let your biases exclude excellent candidates.
  10. Always send a recruiting team who have been trained in diversity and inclusion awareness and are willing to go beyond their comfort zone to attract the best candidates.

2014 Golden Gate National Recreation Area Holiday Party

Wednesday, Dec. 10th 2014 at 11am-2pm

1 Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, United States

San Francisco, CA

Location: General's Residence (Formerly the Officer's Club)

Lunch will be provided! Food ~ Drinks ~ Games

There will also be some fun NPS prizes so get there early to purchase a ticket! All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Toys4Tots!!

We need an accurate count for food, so please RSVP to taralin_eisenhard@nps.gov by NLT December 3, 2014. Also please specify your preference for meat or vegan dish!

Accessibility Training (December)

Tuesday, Dec. 16th 2014 at 1:30-4:30pm

989 Marine Dr

San Francisco, CA

Please note, this is a mandatory training by all park employees. Be sure to sign up for this class.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Academic Internship Orientation

Saturday, Jan. 17th, 9:30am-1:30pm

201 Fort Mason

San Francisco, CA

Mentors will meet and help orient the 2015 Class of Academic Interns from SFSU and City College. This year, over 40 interns will work throughout every division in the park for both for NPS and Conservancy. If you have questions, please contact Terry Kreidler or Jen Flores.

To find out more with what is happening in the park, check out other upcoming Park Events page on the Parks Conservancy website.

Michele Gee

Chief of Interpretation & Education
Golden Gate National Recreation Area

National Park Service

Fort Mason Building 201

San Francisco, CA 94123