Evolutionary Changes are good

Evolutionary Changes are good

“The Future will be better tomorrow”, that’s what we are learning from our childhood time. In schools we have learnt that, be a better citizen for the better future of our Country. I heartily respect my land and always try to be a better and responsible citizen of my country. We always talk about the better future but we really need to understand that what it actually means. Do we really have any idea?

I still remember the time when we used to listen to songs on big transistors; only limited information until we read it in a newspaper the next day. But the key here is, we create our future on our own, that’s what we do. Those transistors have been replaced by I-pods just to cut out the weight, getting news on our gadgets anytime and many other things which make our life easier.

One more example of this evolution is electronic cigarette, well everyone know better about this device, it has become so popular that one of every five smokers has tried electronic cigarette. Thanks to the person who had invented such a great device.

After the sudden invention of e cigarettes in the market, people started switching to electronic cigarettes as they found its taste and vaping far better than real cigarettes. I found in electronic cigarette reviews website that the sales of electronic cigarettes are growing tremendously and would reach to tremendous heights in the next few years.

According to me, the futuristic scope of electronic cigarette seems great, ample growth is its next stop. I believe that e cigarette industry will surely do that by next decade. I am wondering the day when all smokers will replace their tobacco cigarettes with this nicotine filled devices.