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take a trip to france you never no what you will find.

You should take a trip to France. one reason you should come is that there is amazing places to visit like the Eiffel tower Notre dame cathedral and also Disney land Paris. Also there are lots of huge meals that you can get that are absolutely delish. It is also very easy to get around. Also 1 us dollar turn into 6 French francs. So you could be rich.

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french transfered into English

Good day= Bonjour Good bye= Au revoir Mr.=Monsieur

what to eat

In France formal meals can take over two hours to finish and has 8 to 12 courses. Here are some foods you might eat: soup, salad, fish, pasta, different types of cheese, and finally different types of desserts.


One festival that they celebrate is bastille day. It is about the storming of the bastille prison during the French revolution. They also celebrate world war one Armistice day. this is a national holiday and a time of contemplation.


The religion of France is mostly Christian. Most of the Catholics celebrate religious holidays and will attend mass every once and a while.


In France they have buses in most towns. they also have train service which is good for long journeys. Most people have there own cars which usually come from French brands like: Renault or Peugeot.