The Race For Texas

A Texas History Game

The Race For Texas

Race for Texas is a fun and unique 2-4 player game. It focus on Texas history vocabulary, questions of the Texas Revolution and the Government system of Texas.


The object of the game is to become the leader ruling over Texas by answering questions correct based on the Texas History and government system and getting into the square of Texas.


-Game board

-A die

-Question/answer cards

-4 pawn pieces


On the side of the game board, sort the index cards by color. Next, determine what pawn piece and corner each player gets. Finally, to start the game, the youngest goes first,then the person to the left.

To start:

Since there are 3 boxes in front of the start box, each player can choose which box to start with. Then, you can start from there.

How to play the game:

After you know who goes first you roll a die to see how much spaces you go forward. Every time you land on a colored square you pick a card according to the color. If you answer the question right, you get to move 3 spaces forward in any connecting direction(no diagonal). But if a player gets the question incorrect, he/she will need to remain where he/she was.

**Note: The answers will be on the back of the question card.

Whoever is smart enough and knows their own Texas history facts will most likely be the winner.