The First Smore

M. Griner 1

About Me.

Hey I'm a student in V.A. that's starting this for the first time. I like to play video games and hangout with my friends. I like to play soccer and I am a mid-fielder. I also do ROTC and I do Cross country. I have a good personality and am somewhat funny to my friends. I always make time for my friend s and I hope to strive for greatness.

My Purpose

The reason I am doing this is because our whole class is doing this. Our assignment is to make smores for grades but also to have fun. So we should be doing some or a lot of work on this. So while doing some hard work we can still enjoy it. This way we can experience something both fun and new.

My Reflection

In my persuasive essay I believe i did very well. I had good punctuation and lots of details for the essay. But there are some thing I could have done better on. I could have focused on the topic more heavily and used better transitional words. I also could have stated the topic in the first sentence of the paragraphs to help indicate what it is I am talking about. So while I feel I could have done better I think I still did a pretty good job.