Mobilize the Earth

By Dee Dee Pryor


How can we keep our planet clean?

What can We Do?

Do you know what is happening to our Earth? It's getting treated like a garbage can. But it's not a garbage can. It's our home, our planet, and we need to respect it. One way is by cleaning up the litter. It's not hard to do. You could start by walking around the Urbandale pond. Things you could look for around the pond are tobacco products, cigarette butts, paper, plastic and even more. You could go with friends or with your family, either works, just get out there and clean. It doesn't just have to be around the pond. It could also be in the woods behind the pond, just make sure your not alone. Our Earth needs help and it's not going to help if we keep doing this to it.

Why Would We do This

Your probably asking why do we have to do this, but its our home and its is also home to lots of other living things. If we don't do this it could end in the Urbandale pond or the woods, killing many of the animals. Also by doing this you could set examples for other people and then those people start helping and next thing you the world is helping. That's why you would do this, because like the saying says one person can change the world.