Leadership 'n Lunch: Steve Loughlin

May 13th at noon.


Steve Loughlin is a Stanford Alumnus and the Founder and CEO of RelateIQ, which provides customer relationship management software and was recently bought by Salesforce for $390 million. Leadership 'n Lunch will offer a unique opportunity to ask Steve questions about entrepreneurship and leadership. Lunch will be provided.

Leadership 'n Lunch

Wednesday, May 13th, 12pm

Cardinal Room (Rm 101), Clubhouse, Old Union Complex

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What is Leadership n' Lunch?

  • Weekly lunch series held throughout spring based on The Leadership INITIATIVE

  • Lunch provided; 12-1 pm

  • 15 minute informative lecture and 40 minute Q & A

  • Location varies

  • Lunch series speaker, dates, and locations depend on room availability

  • Each session is limited to 20 students per session

  • CardinalSync sign-ups will open and be posted on this page the Monday of the week before the scheduled topic

Lecture Themes: INITIATIVE

  • Improvisation: How do I learn to learn to lead without a script?
  • Navigating Ethics: What is ethical leadership?
  • Inspiration: What makes a leader inspiring?
  • Teaching and Mentoring: How do I teach and mentor others?
  • Identity: How do my social identities affect my leadership?
  • Allyship: What does it mean to be an ally for others as a leader?
  • Truth seeking: How do I validate the information I learn?
  • Innovation: How do I lead in an ever-changing world?
  • Values: How do my personal values affect leadership?
  • Entrepreneurship: When and how should I take risks in my leadership?

Each of the themes ties into one of the four “Aims of Stanford University” in the SUES report:

  • Adaptive Learning (Improvisation, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship)
  • Personal and Social Responsibility (Identity, Allyship, and Values)
  • Owning Knowledge (Navigating Ethics and Truth Seeking)
  • Honing Skills and Capacities (Inspiration and Teaching & Mentoring)

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Adopt specific skills and knowledge and apply them to current leadership practices
  • Discover different perspectives on leadership from guest speakers
  • Connect with other student leaders
  • Begin to understand how to develop a leadership template for the remainder of their college careers

Spring 2015 Speakers

  • President Hennessy
  • David Shaw
  • Aleta Hayes
  • John Powers
  • Patti Gumport
  • Jeff Chang
  • Harry Elam
  • Michael McFaul
  • Steve Loughlin
  • Sheri Sheppard