By:Kenielle Marine

My Glossary

One of a kind fashion is about how fashion was back then and they made us who we are today both are different but teaches us about history.Pretty huh it really is a magnificent way to explain fashion back then poofy hair,oversized clothes,long gowns and poofy dresses.It really is beautiful .People wear new things every day and don't realize every thing they do becomes history the next day.Basques:Are an indigenous ethnic group who primarily inhabit an area traditionalknown as the Basque country.

Mainstream is the current thought that is widespread it includes all popular culture and media culture, typically dessiminated by mass media.

French aristocracy- is a form of government that places power in the hands of a small privileged ruling class in France.

Anti conformist- Against, and conformist denotes behaviors and and actions undertaken by a human being for the purpose of inducing shock in or spiting society.