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Principal's Corner

How people feel greatly impacts how they act and how they perform. When we are feeling inspired, happy, motivated, valued, and cared for - the sky's the limit for what we can achieve. Conversely, when we are feeling anxious, depressed, sluggish, hungry, or unappreciated it can have a negative impact on almost everything we do. That's why we care so much about the mental and emotional health of our students and offer so many supports for them.

If you are worried about your child's mental health and well-being, we are here to help. Our team of highly trained teachers, social workers, school counselors, school psychologist, and chemical health specialist are available each day to answer questions and set up a plan to best support your child. We also are fortunate to partner with several community organizations that are committed to ensuring the mental health of youth in our community including Health Finders, Allina Health, Live More Screen Less, Growing Up Healthy, Fernbrook Family Center, Faribault Youth Investment, Northfield Healthy Communities Initiative, and others.

We believe that having their basic needs met and ensuring strong mental health are essential for students to reach their full academic potential. In these trying times, we know that many of our students are experiencing a range of emotions that may make it hard to learn at times. If this is true for your child, please reach out to our counseling office at 507-333-6200 or use this link to request an appointment. You and your family do not have to navigate these challenges alone. Remember, we are always here to help with whatever you may need.

Mr. Jamie Bente

Principal - Faribault High School

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, January 18 - NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Tuesday, January 19 - FIrst Day of Hybrid Learning for Mon/Tues Cohort Students

Wednesday, January 20 - Distance Learning Day for all Students

Thursday, January 21 - First Day of Hybrid Learning for Thurs/Fri Cohort Students

Friday, January 29 - Last Day of 1st Semester

Monday, February 1 - NO SCHOOL (Planning Day for Teachers)

Hybrid 2.0: What Parents Need to Know

We will be returning to hybrid learning on Tuesday, Jan. 19th. Each student will either be in a Mon/Tues cohort, Thurs/Fri cohort, or will be learning from home each day. Much of what students do will be similar as in the fall, but not everything. Here are some updates:

  • Students will not have to wait outside before school. They will be able to enter the building at any time after 7:30 AM. First period will begin at 8:15. The full 7 period bell schedule is below.
  • Masks will continue to be required at all times and desks are still spaced out in each classroom to ensure proper social distancing. Sanitation protocols are still in place.
  • All students will have access to a locker if they request one at the main office. With more students wearing coats to school now, they may need a place to keep it.
  • Emphasis will be placed on engagement for in-person students. This could be more direct instruction, activities, discussions, collaboration, community circles, or peer conferencing.
  • Some classes will require students to "live stream" the class at the same time as the in-person students are in school. Not all classes are able to do this, however. Teachers will be communicating with students what the expectations are for each of their classes.
  • Wednesdays will still be a "learn from home day" for all students but the building will remain open for anyone who wants in-person support. Also, teachers will be more intentional about scheduling small groups/reteaching opportunities for distance learners on Wednesdays.
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Assistant Principal Shawn Peck Explains Why the Next Two Weeks Are So Important For Students (2 Min. Video)

The Importance of Semester Grades For Students
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Click Here to Join MLK Jr. Day Virtual Breakfast

Join us for Faribault Diversity Coalition's 7th Annual MLK Jr. Day breakfast on Monday, January 18th from 9:00-10:00 AM. There will be presentations, speeches, and performances honoring Dr. King's life and legacy from students and community members.

VIsit The FHS Career Corner

FHS Career and Equity Coordinator, Brian Coleman has created a very helpful resource for students and parents who are wondering about life after high school. Click the link below to learn about labor market trends, complete interest surveys, or sign up for job shadowing opportunities. You can also watch videos describing 100s of career options including several right here in Faribault from local employers such as Monarch, MRG, Faribault Transportation, Jennie O, Richie Eye Clinic, South Central College, and more. Of course, if it's more beneficial to talk to an expert one-on-one, reach out to Mr. Coleman at bcoleman@faribault.k12.mn.us. He is an extremely valuable resource for all Faribault youth.


FHS Band Rehearses With Internationally Renowned Composer

Faribault band students had an incredible experience last week as they participated in a virtual clinic rehearsal with internationally recognized composer, Brian Balmages.

As part of distance learning curriculum, Faribault band students have been rehearsing Balmages' piece, Moscow 1941. As Mr. Balmages ran the morning virtual rehearsal from Maryland, our students in Faribault were able to hear firsthand stories of the background and history of this piece directly from him. Students also participated in a question and answer session, where they had opportunity to ask real life questions about composition, musical careers, and more.

It was an exciting and memorable morning! Congratulations to our Faribault Band students who represented with respect and pride!

Apply for a Special Education Paraprofessional Job

Faribault High School is hiring a special education paraprofessional to work with students and help them reach their goals. Come join a great team! Click here to see the job posting and to apply online.

FHS Science Team Completes at University of Chicago Science Olympiad

The FHS Science Team recently competed against 60 other teams from around the United States at the annual University of Chicago Science Olympiad Invitational. Congratulations to Ella Chappius, Katie Carrera, Thomas Drenth, John Cunniff, Delia Denis, Henry Schonebaum, Lauren Meier, Richard Camarillo, and Kayla Kenow for their outstanding performance. The students did an amazing job navigating the virtual tournament by jumping in and out of google meets, phone calls, pdfs and the online test platform. The team, which is coached by FHS Science Teacher Mr. Peter Stenross, will compete again next month at the Golden Gate Science Olympiad Invitational.

Join Us on Jan. 21st For "Parenting in an Unknown Frontier: Listen, Learn, Lead, Love"

No one has ever, ever done parenting like you. No parent in any other generation has parented while their son or daughter had a mini computer in their pocket, on a bed stand, and in a backpack. On top of that, now you have been managing school at home on screens. These are unique and challenging times for today’s parents. As part of the FPS Family Series, Digital Wellbeing experts KK Meyers and Maree Hampton will host a parent workshop on Thursday, January 21st which will address the behavioral design of digital media that contributes to screen misuse and overuse. We will share what Faribault young people are expressing about their screen use. We will bring awareness of Digital Wellbeing practices for balanced technology use for you and your family. You will leave with ways to begin addressing the challenges of parenting in a 24/7 connected world.

Information for the parent series: https://www.faribault.k12.mn.us/district/family-engagement

Registration for the parent series: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMud-6vrz4vE9eRbTFhg9A_uNkMrfutRSsF

Only Two Weeks Remain in 1st Semester

1st semester will come to an end on January 29th. Remember, semester grades are the ones that earn graduation credits, appear on an official transcript, and are calculated into a student's G.P.A. Semester grades will either open up future opportunities or create barriers that will stand in the way of your child's life goals. In other words, they are important! So your child has 2 weeks to work as hard as they can to earn the best grades they can. Even if they have struggled to this point, there is still time to improve and earn passing grades in all classes if they work hard. Reach out to teachers, stop by the school, or call the FHS Main Office at 507-333-6100 if your child needs any academic support.

Attention Seniors: It's Time to Order Graduation Caps and Gowns

We have several members of the class of 2021 who have not ordered their cap and gown yet. The cost of these caps & gowns are covered by FHS. Students pay $13.00 for the stole. Orders can be placed online using the links below.

Click Here to Enter Diploma Information

Click Here to Order Cap & Gown

Click Here to Order Graduation Packages and Other Senior Graduation Items

Allina Health and Change to Chill Presents: "Let’s Live Resiliently" VIrtual Event on January 21st

FHS is proud to partner with Allina Health on providing students and families with mental/emotional health support. What does it mean to have psychological resilience? When we have the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly, we have the ability to protect ourselves from the potential negative effects of stressors. We are not born resilient and it takes work and awareness to use your mental processes and behaviors to become resilient. In this session (at 12:00 PM on Thursday, January 21st) we will discuss a few different practices to understand this concept and master these skills.

Click Here to Register for Zoom event

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LiveMore ScreenLess Digital Wellbeing 'Tip of the Week'

We all recognize the importance of sleep, especially when we don't get a full night's rest. Sleep regulates almost every part of our wellbeing. For young people, they need a recommended 9-1/2 hours of sleep per night. Device alerts, notifications, and endless scrolling delay can disrupt sleep. If you believe screens are intruding on your teen's sleep, consider these tips from LiveMore's YouthCouncil. Together, you and your child can make a plan to help them get a full night's rest.

Sleep Tips from our YouthCouncil

Prioritize Sleep-Charge your phone outside of your bedroom.

Say Goodnight-When it's your bedtime, tell your friends Goodnight and put away your phone

Log off- Rid the temptations to check your phone by logging off

Alarm app- Let your phone help you get to bed with an automatic "Do Not Disturb"

Give it up - Let your parents keep your phone at night.

We wish your teen and you a good night's rest!