Ted Bundy

By: joseph young

biographical information

  • born november 24, 1946 in Berlington, Vermont
  • parents/ Eleanor louise cowell and Johnnie bundy
  • no siblings
  • he found out that his sister was really his mother and his parents were really his grandparents


  • he did not go to the military
  • he worked for washington state republican party,suicide hotlines and sexual assault for a seattle investigatory commission
  • he went to law school and college

significant event

  • well on february 15, 1978 leon spinks beats muhammad ali in 15 for world heavyweight crown.
  • And the gas was $0.65 a gal

details of crime

Well on his his killing he would sneak into sleeping womens apartments/houses and he would beat them or hit them with a weapon. and as he does that he would sexually assault them. and then after he was done with the bodies he would hide them and then have sex with them until they decompose. and he pretended to break his arm and leg and put his arm in a sling and his leg in a cast and pretended to need help carrying something in his car. and he would impersonate a security guard or a police officer. one time in got a victim into his car and put handcuffs on her and knock her unconscious with a crowbar. after sexually assaulting her then he would kill her, by choking her.


most of bundy's victims resembled his college love, they were college students with long brown hair


well a Sargent arrested bundy after searching his car he discovered a pantyhose, ski mask, a crowbar, ice pick and handcuffs.

outcome of the case

there was a trial he he had three and he acted as his own counsel at the trials and on the completion of those three trials he was sentenced to death for all three murders and after eleven years bundy was finally electrocuted in Florida electric chair. he had confessed to murdering at least twenty eight women.


  • he is dead
  • died on jan 24, 1989
  • he was executed in the electric chair


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