The Tell-Tale Heart

By: Edgar Allan Poe

Summary: Of The Old Man


I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! He's pretty much insane because of the pail blue vulture of the old man, he then thought if he could kill the old man, he wouldn't have to worry about the eye anymore. Although who would have thought a look could drive a man of the cliff.


On the 8th night he decided to kill the old man, but the old man sprang up in bed, crying out --"Who's there?" The old man woke up and he knew there was something more than the noises of the everyday nights. before he knew, his vision was bighted out, hit on the head, and smashed by his own bed by the kooky insane man. After this body were put in a bag and put under floor boards.


While sitting cleverly in the seat ,he thought he heard the heart of the old man, but again it was his paranoia the was getting the better of him. He thought he might confine or keep going with his. "But anything was better than this agony!" So he uncovered everything and showed the police what he did.