The Hidden Effects of Gaming.

By: Vahid, Kopic___Date: 3/5/14___Period: 7/8

Question for Research.

What Effects are Therefor People Who Play Video-Games?

Initial Thoughts Prior to Research.

What are the effects on people who play video games?

I myself do not think that gaming is half bad because I myself am a minor profit gamer and I am doing great in school.

Parents & Teachers the impact of video games.

Games have been available for people-all people-for the past 30 years. Many studies have been shown games with violent content makes teens more aggressive. People can decrease the negative effects/ impact games have on your children.

Video games can help boost social, memory, and cognitive skills.

Research has shown that teens get addicted to games leading to depression and aggression. Playing videos games is an act of being lazy, but new studies have shown that it may be strengthening these skills. Studies also found that shooting games improve the capability for people to think in three-dimensions . The creativity of children has proven to go up as they play games.

Parents & Teachers video games and aggressive behaviors.

There are character in certain games that their personality can rub off on children. 73% of all games seem to induce this aggressive behavior. Player who play video games that are violent and are rewarded for them gain more aggressive attitudes. Studies have shown that people who play games for a long time tend to be more aggressive.


There are many effects on people who play games both positive and negative. Overall violent games have proven to make children more aggressive and violent, while non-violent games improve the way kids think and boost their creativity.

Mid-Research Thoughts

When I looked into my topic I found out a lot more than i thought I was. I found out that there are ways that games can affect you in negative ways and also some positive ways( depends on the game). I also found out that you can really be affected in the way you think just by games.

My Opinion On Gaming Effects, or Lack Thereof.

I think that games do not really have much of anything to them other than fun. Before I say anything I will say that I am doing great in school, I have A’s and B’s, I do not have any history of aggressive behavior. I am a generally nice person, and I do not intend on making you believe what I am saying, this is all my opinion from what I have experienced, and what i have grown up with. I myself have been raised with games ( I love my parents for that. ) and I have found out that games do create better minds, but along with that I also found out that they may be making your child more mad than you think, it can also lead to being antisocial. I do not deny this. i have friends who have become obese from staying at home all day and eating food. They are very antisocial and are socially awkward when it comes to talk to strangers. I have also found that many of my friends also have become more creative, even myself. I do create games with my friends, I do the art, and the voices along with the plot and story. I was given those roles because of my creativity. I do the concept are for the maps, characters, etc. I do a lot of gaming with the time I have on my hands, I am currently a minor profiting gamer I make money so I can but more games. I do not get paid for hours, or days, I play for fun, and if I do a good enough job I can gain things to sell, I make an average of $0.30 a day, it is better than nothing. Back to the point. I think that only good can come from games, depending on how much you play, but then again, it is an arguable statement.