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Sarah Severson, METI

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The 5 Roles of a METI

  • Teacher

    • Collaborates with students and other members of the learning community to determine learning and information needs.

    Instructional Partner

    • Collaborates with teachers and administration to design lessons that support information literacy as well as learning across the curriculum.

    Information Specialist

    • Provides leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources in all formats.

    Program Administrator

    • Manages all activities of the Media program including budgets, collection development, equipment, promotional activities, and facilities.

    Technology Leader

    • Provides support in facilitating professional learning sessions with school staff to effectively integrate technology and establish professional learning experiences for the school community to increase knowledge of technology resources and instructional activities.

What does the METI do on a day to day basis?

  • Every other week is checkout week. Each class comes in for 20 minutes to hear a story/ participate in a lesson and check out a book. Students can come at anytime throughout the week to check out too!
  • Every other week is a "push-in" week using a flexible calendar for scheduling lessons in classrooms
  • Green Screen Projects
  • Research lessons
  • Heards Ferry Live
  • Office 365
  • Educational Apps
  • Digital Presentation Tools
  • Digital Citizenship series
  • Run the HFE Technology Competition
  • Yearbook

Technology Resources


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What is Classlink?

Classlink is the portal that houses all the educational technology you use in the classroom. Here is a list of what you can find in Launchpad.

  • MackinVia
  • Destiny Catalog
  • iRead/ iReady
  • Learning.com
  • McGraw-Hill Math Text
  • Office 365
  • Adobe Spark
  • Safari Montage

How do I find Classlink?

  • You can visit the link: https://launchpad.classlink.com/fcs
  • You can visit the HFE webpage. A link to Launchpad is on the right column of the webpage.
  • You can visit the Fulton County Schools website.
  • Be sure to use Chrome
  • App


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How can my child check out ebooks and have access to digital resources that will help with research?

MacinVia not only has eBooks and audio books, it is also filled with kid friendly research databases that are reliable sources. Students can research people using Biography in Context. Students can research topics using Galileo. They can research animals using Britannica Online Animal Kingdom. MackinVia is rich with resources such as articles that give students the option to have it read to them. There are educational videos, pictures, and more!

Kid Friendly Search Engines

It is essential that students use kid friendly search engines. These are Kiddle and KidRex are powered by Google and are filtered through so students will not find inappropriate content.

Office 365

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Every student in Fulton County has an Office 365 account. Students have an email address (students can only email teachers). They log on with this email address and are able to access all of the Office 365 apps. Primarily 3rd-5th grades use Office 365. The apps are

  • SWAY
  • Powerpoint
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • ClassNotebook
  • Excel

How does my child access Office 365?

As with all of our technology resources there are multiple ways students can access 365.

  • Classlink
  • portal.office.com
  • Downloaded app

Please remind your child that if one way isn't working to try another way!


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  • Seesaw is a digital portfolio that houses student work
  • Parents can leave audio and text comments
  • We now have Seesaw for Schools, so student work will follow them throughout their career here
  • One code for parent app that leads to all student work

Digital Citizenship

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What is the Digital Citizenship Series??

All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Through the digital citizenship series, students are taught to be kind online, keep private information off the internet, avoid clickbait, understand which websites and apps are just right for them, and tons more!

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  • All grades participate in the Digital Citizenship Series
  • All grades participate in 3 DC lessons
  • All teachers receive training in digital citizenship