Pennsylvania Abolition Society


The Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage was the first American abolition society. It was founded April 14, 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Anthony Benezet and others, and held four meetings. Seventeen of the 24 men who attended initial meetings of the Society were Quakers, or members of the Religious Society of Friends. Thomas Paine was also among the Society's founders.


Pennsylvania Abolition Society (PAS) reorganized itself in the 1780s to include a third mission: “improving the Condition of the African Race.” For the founders, this primarily meant offering jobs and education to black youth, whether escaped slaves from the South or native Philadelphians.


Jobs for the free blacks usually consisted of more or so labor work , Work that corresponded in what they did when they were slaves before they were freed


The impact of the Pennsylvania Abolition society was very positive, They were able to help many blacks get jobs , and whites find help that was much needed.

Taking Action!

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