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Join in with knitting tuition

Join us as we learn Double Knitting and Construction of Shape.


Double knitting is a technique that enables the knitter to produce 2 layers of knitting in 1 piece.

The technique can produce tubes, self-lined accessories and garments.

There are special 2 colour cast-ons to learn as well as edge stitches and reversing the designs in the colours chosen.

Learn how to hold the wools and the working principles of hidden stranding.

It is not just a technique to give opposite colours on 2 sides, there are techniques to learn to produce layers, pockets, cuffs, 2 types of stitch design, garment edging and the latest shawl edge.

Join me in the first lesson of Double Knit for Starters with full written instructions to take home and a charted design written for the class covering the techniques you have mastered in our time together.


2 colours of yarn are needed to work on a 2.75mm-3mm needle.

2.75-3mm PAIR straight needles.




Achieve differing effects and colours in Garment and Shawl edgings

In this class we will:

1.Master techniques which interlock your design together as we start our garment or shawl with our double knit edging.

2.Cover the double knit to single face technique.

3.Differing cast-on methods to accommodate this technique.

4.Dual-coloured work with differing designs on either side as our inlays and edges.

5.Using the same technique to give pockets in garments, learn how to cast-off and re cast- on for differing layers.

6.Quilting layers or edging for effect.

7.A new shawl pattern designed for 2014.

To take the Masterclass, knitters must be proficient in dual-yarn handling and preferably have done some Double Knitting before.


2-5 colours of yarn are needed to work on a 2.75mm-3mm needle circular needle 40-60cms.

2.75-3mm straight needles.


Become a better shawl designer.

Once you have mastered construction of shape then there is only colour/stitch design to add in for unique pieces.

Take 8 basic shawl shapes and learn the construction techniques before design and pattern and color are added.

We will look at 8shapes in detail and knit these up in miniature for reference.

Patterns provided to take home.

You will need worsted wool and 3.75 mm-4mm needles.

Wherever you are join us in Fano

Chrissie Day is a Knitting designer and International tutor, author of 8 fibre-related titles and has a new book with Rowan due out August 2014.

Her second love is travel and she loves to combine the two and teach as she goes.

Join us on the beautiful Danish island Fano

Here at the Knitting FestivalChrissie will teach us and when not in a teaching session Chrissie will still be found on the island with knitting needles, design book, and camera looking for inspiration and willing to knit and knatter with you.


Friday, Sep. 16th, 9:30am to Sunday, Sep. 18th, 4pm

Fanø, Denmark

The Strikkefestival is a fabulous event, a sure hit with the knitters.

Classes,workshops,fashion events,vendors and all on a beautiful island setting.

A 'must go' in any diary.