Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: Dr. Sladek @ ZE Mrs. Armstrong Out of Building. D Day. District Spelling Bee @ Coleman 12:30-1:30.

Tuesday: Dr. Sladek @ ZE. A Day. NO PLC's. Good News Club, Girls on the Run after school.

Wednesday: Dr. Sladek @ CE. B Day.

Thursday: Spring Break. No School!

Friday: Spring Break. No School!

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PLC Focus

No PLC Meeting or Agenda this week...but something to think about:

Plan for the finish line!

At this point we have a lot planned for "after spring break" .... look over that hefty list and identify big rocks vs small rocks as well try and prioritize what is the most bang for your buck when it comes to the end of the year and your focus!

March Madness Update


Mrs. Anding vs Ms. Mueller

Ms. Holycross vs. Mrs. Grodie

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Habit 7: Highly Effective Practice

Achieve the Daily Private Victory

The Daily Private Victory—time spent each day in a routine way renewing body, mind, heart, and spirit—is the key to developing all of the 7 Habits. Winning a Daily Private Victory gives us the capacity to win the more difficult challenges played out in the public arenas of our lives.

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Rarely invest in myself.

Think About...

Are you winning the Daily Private Victory— spending time each day to renew yourself in body, mind, heart, and spirit? Have you developed your own routine, pattern, or regimen for balanced renewal?

Try This...

  • · Observe what other people do to renew themselves on a daily basis to see what you might learn and apply.
  • · Develop your own routine, pattern, or regimen for renewing yourself daily.
  • · Block out time for your Daily Private Victory when you do your weekly planning.
  • · Identify which dimension you may be falling short on—body, mind, heart, or spirit—and make it a focus this week.

From the 7 Habits Book

“There’s no other way you could spend an hour that would begin to compare with the Daily Private Victory in terms of value and results. It will affect every decision, every relationship. It will greatly improve the quality, the effectiveness, of every other hour of the day, including the depth and restfulness of your sleep.”

Blog to remind you and to get you to the finish line...

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“Know the difference between being tired and being wounded ’cause being tired requires

rest, but if you’re wounded, you need to be restored and that requires community, that

requires something bigger than yourself. Know what restores you because if you’ve been

wounded, you need to be restored, to have your cup filled before you give it away.”